I’m Obsessed!


I had pinned this Plantain Shirt from Deer and Doe ages ago, but was a bit scared to sew for myself. But now that I have started to dabble, I decided a good break from those darn Clover pants would be to make this shirt!


This pattern is AWESOME!!!! It seems like it is flattering on EVERY BODY. (Except on deep evaluation of these pictures, I think it would look better with a real bra, not a nursing one!) I decided to take my measurements from above my bust instead of the actual bust because I was afraid the shirt would be gigantic on me otherwise and I wanted it to fit around my armpits. Measuring from my actual bust put me at size 44, where my upper bust put me at size 40. The knit, I figured, would stretch out and give me enough room for the booby area. I am SO glad I did! This shirt fits PERFECTLY!! It is officially my new favorite!


The material was a mystery knit that I bought during that Austin fabric shop hop.. It was just folded, not even on a roll, so I have no idea who the maker is. I do know that it was 20% off of $10 a yard, so all in all I paid 8 bucks for this top! SCORE! It is very good quality and keeps it’s shape very nicely. Jake, of course, ruins everything. He said “looks like Christmas trees.” WHATEVER I still love it!


This pattern was SO easy to sew and best of all? IT IS FREE, PEOPLE!! The pattern calls for elbow patches, which I think are cute, but not really my style so I left them off. Also, I only had 1 yard of material so I had to make the sleeve length in between the short sleeve and the 3/4 sleeve because that was all I could fit. I actually LOVE where it falls, just below the elbow.


I have already rummaged through the bin of up-cycle clothes to make more!! YAY!

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