Clover Cluster #*@%

These Clover pants are destroying me!!

*warning* there are photos in this post that are extremely unflattering and you get to see me standing on a stool taking selfies in the bathroom, toothpaste spots on the mirror and all… anyways..


The actual construction is easy enough, but the fitting is driving me crazy! Like a moron, I made the initial muslin in a non stretchy sheet material, against the advice of the actual pattern makers. The butt barely fit, but the legs looked good so I decided I needed to do a full butt adjustment for the next muslin, in which I used a stretchy corduroy material, 97% cotton, 3% spandex.


Well, turns out when using the stretchy material, the pants ended up HUGE. I don’t think I actually needed the butt adjustment at all. I also noticed that the pants were just bunchy EVERYWHERE. And the crotch area was just boxy and unflattering. And my hips go IN where the pattern goes out. Where most girls have hip curves, my body is apparently concave where it should be convex. Awesome. So that was bunchy and weird. That was all before I even put the waist band on.


So I made little chalk marks all around where I needed to take it in. I also decided that I wanted it to be more of a skinny pant than a slim pant. The material was just too weird to be “slim”. Again, just too bunchy. I’m not really sure if the “slim” actually works on my body. Also, I found something on the good ol’ internets that suggested making the crotch area curve more “J” like, which totally helped the boxy front. This may have been my only “win” here.


I kept paring it down, trying it on, paring it down again, trying it on again, over and over. Remember, I have no real idea of what I’m doing, lol! I was getting worried that all the pulling on and off was stretching the material like crazy. (turns out it wasn’t, this corduroy has great recovery!). So when I thought I had something good going, I adjusted the paper pattern accordingly and cut away at the pattern pieces and got to making these pants for real. I was REALLY hoping for some sort of wearable muslin, but also was getting really excited to own awesome pants that were custom fit to my body. HA!


As I said before, the actual construction of this garment is pretty darn easy. I had to learn the invisible zipper as I’d never sewn one before, but that was pretty simple too, even though I could have positioned it up a little higher so it didn’t gap at the top. But when I sewed them all up (minus hemming them) and tried them on, there are SO many odd things. The waist band is SO BIG. And gappy. For some reason I thought that part would fit no problemo.Turns out, big problemo that I don’t even have a clue how to fix. And the knees are STILL bunchy. I really want to put this damn pattern on the shelf, but then I also REALLY want to finish them and make them awesome!!!


Truth is, I have deviated SO much already from the original pattern that it is almost silly! And the thought of unpicking all those seams to fix the waistband is stressing me out…


I think I’m going to have to make something fun and easy that requires no brain power to get my groove back.

Anyways, since this was flooded with awful pictures, I will leave you with a cute picture of Quinn trying to climb my step stool to get to me as I was trying to take terrible photos of my terrible pants.. I hope everyone else is having a more successful week than I am!


6 thoughts on “Clover Cluster #*@%

  1. You poor thing; I am surprised you have stuck with it this long. My suggestion – walk away from it for a few days!! I also had a mini sewing crisis this week with hubby’s shirt being sewn all wrong first time round – deep breaths! :-)

    1. That is the plan!! I think I want to sew up an easy little tee shirt that requires no brainpower or fitting skills, lol! But in reality I’m sitting on my tush watching TV, which is what I REALLY want to do to escape from this pant catastrophe! I hope you get your husband’s shirt fixed!

  2. Wish I could help you, but my scientific approach to pants fitting involves basting, trying on, ripping seams, basting, trying on, cursing, then stalling for a week before it starts all over again. Works like a charm every time! :)

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