Day 2 Washi Dress Adventures

So last night I made another muslin with a third version of my tweaked pattern. Keep in mind it will be pulled a bit tighter around the waist due to the shirring that will be in the back. I am much happier!


Millie didn’t appreciate it when I told her a muslin was made with fabric you don’t care about. “But I love that fabric!!!” Sorry honey, I’ll save some to make something with it for you!

Anyways, I fixed it and measured it more precisely, making sure the bottom was the same width as the original so I wouldn’t have to mess with the skirt portion and making sure the darts matched up to the side seams better. I also cut away about an inch from the neckline.


Ahh, the 3 versions of the bodice pattern!


This morning I altered the back of the pattern a bit. Since I added 4 inches to the top, I had to add length to the back piece. I measured 3.5 more inches when I accounted for the seam allowance from the top being gone. I will have to add 6 more lines of shirring, which is totally okay with me. This obviously won’t be so much of an empire waist, which is good because that look is kind of hard to pull off with big knockers!

I also changed the front facing to match up with the new neckline I made. No pics of that, but that is pretty self explanatory, I think.

I didn’t have time for any actual sewing today, but I did manage to cut out all my pattern pieces and get them all ready for tomorrow. I can’t wait!


And I just wanted to add this photo, showing that even if the kids are letting me do my “thang”, the cats are forever into everything I do! I am never alone, LOL!

4 thoughts on “Day 2 Washi Dress Adventures

  1. Hey – that’s looking v. professional!! I usually just hack away with the scissors until it works… which is why I don’t garment sew very often… Looking forward to the finished dress :)

  2. That’s looking fantastic! You’re obviously going to be good at this! Knew you would be, the kids clothes are so cute. I will be coming to you for tips, have a dressmakers dummy on the way (yippee! Bit of an indulgence I know but hey, hopefully will become one of the family and will encourage me to sew clothes). Choosing a few easy patterns to start off with. I’m planning on making myself a few summer tops to start off with, wish me luck!

    1. Thank you so much!!! That is so awesome, I kind of want one of those too, I’ve been putting it off because I can be el cheapo about things, but I’m thinking if I start really getting into sewing for myself I can convince myself that I need one ;) that is exciting you are sewing for yourself too! Good luck to the both if us, lol!

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