Day 1 Washi Fitting Adventures

This morning I cut out a muslin from the Washi pattern, exactly how it is, in a size L, which is where my measurements fell. I sewed it up and tried it on, and just as I thought, the empire waist of it was WAY too short for my body! The darts were also way too high up. Left me wondering if I have a weirdo body!

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but for the sake of learning, I will post a picture of how the bodice fit. Also, I understand that I probably should have made myself look nicer for one of the only pics of myself on here, but come on, it is my lazy day with Quinn while Millie is in school!


Hello, underboob!


SO I’m no expert, but that dart is just a bit too high, right? INCHES too high… Oh and that bruise was a gift from Quinn. He apparently thinks I’m delicious.


So I measured myself wearing the muslin and decided I wanted the dart about 2 inches lower and the bodice to be about 4 inches longer, closer to where my waist actually is. I added 2 inches above the dart and 2 below, extending the front part 4 inches. Quinny helped.


Learning my lesson from those pants, I sewed my muslin with a basting stitch, so it was easy to pull off and I just used the same back piece to try out the newly drafted front.


Much better! I know the neckline will be 1/2 inch lower from the facings, but I think I want to deepen it a little more, maybe an extra inch. Apparently I have a much taller chest than most, since a lot of reviews said the neckline was too revealing? Crazy, it feels like a crew neck on me.

Anyways, once I fix the neckline of my newly drafted top and tweak it out a little more, I think I’ll be ready to make the dress! I bought 2 different fabrics to make this dress with, I will use the cheaper one first, that way if I still need to tweak something out, I won’t be using my expensive fabric :)

9 thoughts on “Day 1 Washi Fitting Adventures

    1. Haha I probably would have if I didn’t hear so many people saying to make muslins and that there really isn’t any escaping having to custom fit adult clothes! I was anticipating many, lol!

  1. I hate making muslins, too, but you did a great job making yours and clearly it was important! It looks in the pictures like your bust darts are too long. You may actually want to make them a little higher and a little shorter. You would need them to start higher on the sides in order to fit in your empire waistline. They should end about 1.5 inches from the bust point, and yours appear to cross over the bust points, so the dart legs need to be shorter. If that’s an illusion from the picture, just ignore this comment! You’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! I changed it so it isn’t such an empire waist. I looked at lots of pics of the Washi dresses all online and all the darts seem to fall below the bust point. The new version sort of ends more like 1 inch away so hopefully that will be okay! Darts are still confusing to me, I’ve been trying to read about them and where they are supposed to go and I just feel a little overwhelmed with information! I think I’ll have to just learn what fits me best as I go, right? Crossing my fingers that my final dress will be not only wearable, but awesome!

      1. You are on the right track. Yes, end the dart 1″ away from the bust point. You just don’t want it ended on or past the bust point. That doesn’t work. Even if the dart comes up from below, it should end 1″ or so from the point. And, as you said, you also need to figure out what works best with YOUR shape. You are definitely on the right path.

  2. I love your versions of the Washi dress! Your photos and your information are so helpful, even though I made my first Washi yesterday( after HOURS of trying to alter the bust/bodice) I am learning from your adventures with it.. My first try-on of the un-altered bodice was pretty similar to yours, lower bra showing! I’m so glad you showed that! I had bought an online Craftsy alterations class, which is fabulous, but I combined a couple different ideas for altering. I like yours as well. And for my next one, I will add more shirring lines and also lower the starting line, as is, it is at my bra strap and I don’t think it’s supposed to be there!

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