Some New Sewing Challenges!

It has been a while! Truth is, I haven’t been able to carve out much sewing time lately. Every time I sit at my machine, which is upstairs, Quinn decides it is a perfect time to crawl to the edge of the top of the steps and flirt with disaster. So I run over to him and grab him before he falls, which he thinks is a hilarious game… Then when I get to my computer, he gives me about 2 minutes before he thinks I’ve had enough screen time and he pulls me away! I haven’t even been able to check my emails lately, let alone blog!

There is that, and there is also the fact that the kids have SO many outfits, I’ve been having a hard time finding inspiration since they don’t actually need anything currently.

I, on the other hand, am DESPERATE for some new clothes! I haven’t really ever sewn for myself, with the exception of a couple forgiving maternity shirts, so I’ve been a little afraid to. My goal this year is to change that. I want to start sewing for myself, and the only way to start doing it is to just get over my fear and DO IT!


This weekend there was a fabric shop hop in Austin so I decided to go and check out some shops I never even knew existed! There were 8 shops on the official list, and I visited 10 in all! I had no idea Austin had so many amazing fabric stores! I chatted with lots of store owners and sewers and was blown away with inspiration! I bought a couple patterns for myself and a bunch of amazing fabric to go along with them.

The patterns I bought were the Colette Clover pants and the Washi Dress by Made by Rae.




Both of these patterns are going to need some alterations on my part. I made a muslin yesterday for the pants, where I decided I really need to add some length, and apparently I need to grade for a bigger butt, lol! I was a little let down because I was hoping for a wearable muslin, but that is not the case. And no, I will not be posting a picture of me wearing it, ha! I don’t know why I always thought I had a flat tush. Quite the opposite! Then I was thinking I am an idiot for trying to do pants when in 2 seconds it will be summer, so maybe I should focus on the dress. That and hopefully by next winter I will have lost some more of this baby weight.. which would make me cry if I couldn’t fit into the pants I made. So I might just put that project on the shelf for a while..

Anyways, I decided to go ahead and blog about my experience of fitting and altering adult patterns as I go through it. Kind of publicly learning!

I have already traced out the pattern for the Washi dress and plan on sewing the muslin tomorrow while Millie is in school. I want to lengthen the bodice a little bit to make it not quite as high of an empire waist. And I’m sure I’ll have to adjust it for a bigger bust. I just want to see how the actual pattern pieces fit before I start changing the pattern.

Wish me luck on my new sewing ventures!!

5 thoughts on “Some New Sewing Challenges!

  1. I’m trying to balance sewing for the kids and sewing for myself too! Part of it is that sewing for kids is so much faster and easier. Fewer fitting issues, smaller garments, and so many fun sew alongs! But I need new clothes too. I’ve been putting it off because of the baby weight issue too. But then, even if I do lose the weight and end up with a bunch of too big items, I’ll have gotten some fitting experience and some sewing experience and the new items will be that much better. Right?

    1. This is true! Plus I’ve been thinking that if I keep putting off sewing in hopes that I’ll lose weight, I’ll never actually sew anything! I may as well have some things that fit well now!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    thanks for such an inspirational post. I’ve just been thinking exactly same sort of thing for a while now. I’d love to have a go at making my own clothes. As you know, bags are mainly my thing but I also want to make something for myself to wear and I’m looking at my non-existent summer wardrobe….

    Wishing you much success and fun in your new sewing ventures, will look forward to seeing what you make. Your kid’s clothes are always great, I’m sure you’ll soon be showing off some fab ‘grown-up’ clothes. I love your first pattern choices!

    1. Thanks! I’m really liking forward to it, as scared as I was I’m feeling like that was silly, once you just dive In to it, things get really fun! You should just go for it too!

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