Valentine’s Sock Hop


As I said yesterday, Millie is in a new school and they are celebrating valentine’s day with a sock hop party. So of course me, being me, decided to make her a cute little poodle skirt to get festive for the party!


It was really easy and fun cutting out that circle skirt! I can’t believe I’ve never made one before! I am absolutely making more circle skirts for Millie that are not made of felt, lol! The twirl action is amazing!


I VERY loosely used this tutorial to make the circle skirt. I mean, I got the idea to use the 2 inch elastic instead of rolling it over and encasing elastic from this.. MUCH EASIER! For the circle skirt measurements, I just kind of used my brains + Millie’s measurements.


For the little poodle I took this picture, cropped out the black poodle, and enlarged the image of just the outline, then printed it and cut it out with black felt. I fused it on the skirt with Wonder-Under. I used a zigzag stitch to sew on the little ribbon leash.


The bottom hem has a bit of razzle-dazzle with a sequined embellishment all around it.


The only issue I had with making this was sewing on the sequins on the bottom hem. The first needle broke in 3 pieces. I thought it was notable enough to take a photo of. Four broken needles later, the 5th again breaking in three, where the middle piece flew up and hit me in the forehead (thank God I was wearing glasses!), I decided it would be MUCH safer (and cheaper) to hand sew the rest of it on!!!

The wreckage

I decided that to complete the costume, Millie needed a plain white tee shirt to go with the ensemble, and since she didn’t have one I used one of Jake’s white tees and made one using the boy version of the Figgy’s Banyan Tee pattern. The sleeves are a bit long because I used the original hems of the shirt sleeves, but forgot to account for that when cutting the pattern.. OOPS! The crazy person I am finished it off this morning right before I sent her to school!


……Then upon entering her school, I realized that I am the ONLY mother who is completely insane and who gets all excited about her kid dressing up for parties… HA!! I didn’t see a single other kid dressed up, and there Millie was with this awesome huge pink skirt, haha! I felt a little ridiculous all day, but then when I picked her up, I saw there were 2 other girls who were wearing poodle-ish skirts, so that made me feel a little less silly.. OH well, at least she is totally in love with it! That is all that matters, right?


I hope everyone had a fantastic and chocolate filled Valentine’s day!

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Sock Hop

  1. LOVE IT! My mother always made me fabulous things to wear that prepared me for a lifetime of blissful overdressedness. And I’m sure I’m following in her footsteps…

  2. Haha! You can be sure that there were moms there who looked at that adorable skirt with envy! And some little girls who asked for one of their own! :)
    Wonderful post — thanks for joining our party!

  3. She sure looks like she is having fun twirling- Great job Mom! Now maybe next party there will be more dressed up- “I *have* to dress up Mom because Millie’s mom will make her something fun, please, please Please Mom can I dress up too?”

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