I Totally Cheated on my Resolution

..It was for a good cause though!

Millie started a new school a few weeks ago and they are having a sock hop tomorrow for Valentine’s day, which I think is TOTALLY adorable, and of course I have decided to make her a poodle skirt. So against my own self-imposed rules of no more fabric shopping, I trekked it over to Joanne’s yesterday to get some pink felt.

And while I was there I figured I should pick up some notions, like more elastic, needles, trim, ribbon… And some super cute knit fabric from the remnant bin! (oops!)


I kind of fell in love with this geometrical print! It is only slightly larger than .5 yards, but I’m sure I can squeeze something awesome out of it :)

And you should be proud of me! I didn’t even LOOK at all the other fabric! I almost ran past it all with my eyes closed because I didn’t want to be tempted, haha

It is funny because my entire stash really isn’t THAT much, but I’m more the type of person to buy as needed, so I don’t want to risk the chance of not using certain fabrics I have already gotten. And it is kind of a fun challenge to be inspired by fabric instead of by pattern :)

Anyways, I had better get on to making that poodle skirt. Leave it to me to save it for the last day!!!

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