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Ahh, week 4, the last week of Project Run and Play is upon us. This is the week for “my signature style”, which honestly was the hardest for me! There are so many things I enjoy, both sewing and fashion wise. I wouldn’t say that I am the most fashionable person in the world, I mean, heck, I’m currently wearing pants I bought 10 years ago. I suck at shopping. But I really do love having really sweet outfits for Millie to wear. I almost have her as an extension of me when it comes to clothes.


Lately I’ve been really into sewing knits, so that is what I originally planned on making. But when I looked through my stash, none of the knits I had were giving me inspiration. Pretty much the only things I have left are boy prints, and I really wanted to make something for Millie. So I decided to go ahead and play with my wovens. The blue floral fabric I used was some cotton lawn that I bought during my fabric shopping spree in NYC. I’m pretty sure I go this stuff at Mood. The solid brown is a voile I bought on


Earlier this week, Millie actually ASKED me to make her a shirt that was kind of like a dress, so that was why I decided on this peplum. I took this picture of a shirt at Anthropologie MONTHS ago that I thought would be cute to copy for Millie. I figure if you see something that sticks in your mind for this long, it is definitely worth something! So that is what I used as inspiration :)


I can’t tell you how AMAZING it felt to draft my own pattern! I got really into the making of this. I started with a plain tee shirt pattern and totally tweaked it out to make this cute little peplum top. I lined it with facings instead of using a bias trim because the fabric is so delicate. I will most certainly be hanging this one to dry! This really took me back to the crazy creative place in my heart, and I got a huge amount of joy from making this! For some reason I’ve been just using patterns and not really straying from that. As much as I LOVE the ease of using amazing patterns, it felt wonderful to get my creative juices going.


I used a button closure and decided to use a ladybug button, hoping that it would inspire Millie to wear it more often, since when she came to see what I was sewing she was like “Is that for me? No. It’s for Quinny. Look at those colors, those are Quinn colors.” **crap**


I wanted to make pants to go with it, but I still wanted to keep up with that “no buying fabric” thing, plus I have this to contend with at all times:


So there you have it! The conclusion of PR&P! Check out the other amazing people who participated!

10 thoughts on “My Signature Style

    1. Thank you! I actually didn’t look at the original shirt again until I grabbed the pic to blog about it, I’m pretty impressed with myself, lol! I didn’t even realize how close to the original I got!

  1. Priceless photo at the end! His little white knuckles!

    The top is adorable–great fabrics and pattern. Keep pattern drafting since it really gets you in the “flow”. I am lately finding that I am totally into hand-stitching.

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