I Totally Failed at KCW.

This past week was Kid’s Clothes Week, where people try to dedicate at least one hour a day for the whole week to sewing up clothes for their kids/grand kids/nieces/nephews etc.. There are a ton of amazing projects being posted from all the awesome people who are participating. Last time this came around I made an entire article of clothing for every day, which actually kind of burnt me out a little.

This week, even though I thought about it, I barely even LOOKED at my sewing machine! I know, crazy. I guess I needed a little break after that crazy wedding dress refashion.

I have been thinking about what I am going to sew up for the Project Run and Play next week.. which I should be actually creating, but instead I am procrastinating and blogging, lol. The truth is, the next challenge is “signature style” and, while I really love making dresses for Millie, and also most people use this opportunity to “pull out all the stops”, I felt I should make some nice easy knit outfit, since that is what I really have been wanting to sew lately.

Signature styles can change all the time! There are so many style influences all around that it is difficult to define myself or how I want my kids to be dressed all the time. So while I wanted to be true to the “right now” in how I feel, I started looking through my stash to find some nice knit material to make a sweet shirt for Millie (I have a pic of a shirt from Anthropologie that I took over the summer as inspiration), it turns out that I have been SO into sewing knits that there really aren’t any more nice ones left in my stash!! I have boy prints but nothing that really goes with the idea I have in my head..

So now I’m thinking about how I can pull this idea off with woven fabrics..

Anyways, I guess I better get to drafting something out while Quinn is napping and I have some free time.

I will leave you with this picture of Quinn in his diaper modeling the blanket my sister knitted for him. It has nothing to do with anything, but there you go, some baby skins to feast your eyes on :)


Wish me luck sewing!

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  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! I totally failed at KCW too. I didn’t make anything the entire week. And I haven’t make anything for Project Run & Play either! AHHH!. I’m definitely not on top of things. Love your blog and can’t wait to continue to be inspired by everything you create!

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