Figgy’s Celestial Pullover


I wasn’t kidding when I said I was on a Figgy’s pattern kick a couple weeks ago. I actually sewed this Celestial Pullover up earlier this month, but only now have gotten the chance to blog about it.


I just love this! The short sleeve sweater thing works amazing for our bipolar Texas weather (hello snow/ice one day, 77 degrees the next) and it was SO easy to sew up!


I didn’t think I would really like the high/low aspect of it as much, but it turns out that I LOVE it, it adds such a sweet feminine touch to a staple such as a sweater without being over the top girly.


I really love the shirts that have the sleeves built in so you don’t have to bother setting them in! It really makes the whole project go really quickly! All you have to do is hem and go!


My only issue is with the pockets. While I love them and Millie loves having a place to put things (coins, special rocks, etc), she has had a hard time understanding how to put her hands in them without stretching them down past the bottom of the shirt. I’ll have to probably sew them down to the shirt to tack them in so they don’t pop out the bottom all the time. It won’t stop me from making more of these, though! I think I might want to even try to draft an adult sized one for myself!


I got this fabric from Joanne’s in that red tag section a while back for 50% off. I honestly have no idea how much it was, but I know I had eyed it for a while. You can’t really see it in the photos, but there are also silver stripes along with the blue and white. I sewed the size 4/5 and I think it is kind of perfect. This sweater has been paired with quite a few outfits and even Jake commented on how well together Millie looked while wearing it. He must be sick of all her princess dresses, lol!



SO I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been handed down Jake’s old camera, which is awesome!! So I’ve been trying to get better photography than I was getting with my iPhone :)

It certainly is a learning curve and there are so many settings I’m trying to figure out! But I am REALLY excited to get awesome crisp photos! If anyone knows of any awesome and ‘easy to understand in layman’s terms’ blogs about photography, send the links my way, please!! :D

2 thoughts on “Figgy’s Celestial Pullover

  1. Adorable! I’m a big fan of that curved hem. I can see how this sweater would coordinate with lots of different garments.

    By the way, I am jealous of your beautiful blue sky. :)

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