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It is week 3 of Project Run and Play, and that means it is time for the refashion challenge! Last week I made clothes out of curtains, so I wanted to up the ante a little bit. I wracked my brain for something that could be better than curtains, when I remembered that I have this insane wedding dress hanging in my closet!!! Millie is kind of obsessed with my wedding dress, she is always trying to convince me to wear it to the grocery store or something equally as hilarious. Last week she was insisting I wear it when my husband and I were going out to dinner. “But you’re marrying daddy tonight, right?” Adorable. I have worn it around the house with her playing “princess” but I refuse to leave the house in it haha. So how perfect would it be for me to make her a real princess dress from a real wedding gown?


Don’t worry! This isn’t my actual wedding dress, I bought it for $30 at Goodwill last Halloween so I could be a zombie bride :) This dress was amazing, you KNOW someone spent at least 2 grand on the thing. I tried to wash the “blood” out, but I couldn’t. I thought maybe I could just dye all the lace red, but Millie didn’t like that idea because she didn’t want her dress to be bloody :/ When I wore it on Halloween last year, blood and all, she said I looked like a princess! LOL


I was trying to salvage some lace that hadn’t been stained red, but then I had the genius plan to dye it blue instead :) I painstakingly ripped all the seams off the lace so I could dip it in the dye and not ruin the actual dress material. Also I knew I was going to want to put the lace on where I wanted it. Since this challenge required me to use what I had, plus the other challenge that I have for myself, to not go shopping anymore, I decided to use blue food coloring instead of Rit. My hands got WAY more blue than the lace did! I am totally worried that the second I wash this thing, the lace will once again be white.. Something tells me this dress was treated with Scotch guard.. Let’s hope not with all the work I put into it!


I totally made up the pattern all by myself, I completely winged it. I wanted to keep the back with all the buttons down the zipper, so I just cut it straight out. I also wanted to do those princess drop sleeve things.. I have no idea what they are called..  and I have never done them before.. so I just completely made  it all out of my little imagination. It went together quite well, I think!


Since the front of the real dress was SO messed up with the red coloring, I just cut pieces out of the skirt for the front of the bodice. I made it into a little sweetheart top, then covered that detail with the lace.


I almost ruined the WHOLE project when I was almost finished putting the bodice together because I had forgotten to tack the bottom of the zipper where I had cut it, then unzipped it……. yes, the damn pull part came off the zip part and I nearly had a heart attack. Somehow I was miraculously able to put it back on though! You have no idea the roller coaster that my emotions went through in just a few short minutes over that haha.



The skirt is 3 layers, the bottom is a lining with some tulle sewn onto it half way down, then an all tulle layer, then the top. I lined the bottom of the skirt with the blue lace. I also have never done a skirt that went down to a point in the front, so I totally winged that, too. I didn’t have to, of course, because I totally covered up that detail with the lace, ha!


I sewed some more lace on to the sleeves and around the waist, then finished it off with a bow in the back. The bow was originally on the sleeve of the big dress.


I am pretty darn proud of this dress! To make something totally wearable from that monstrosity of a wedding gown covered in fake blood was quite a feat, hah!


This is also Kids Clothes Week again, which so far I HAVE participated in because I totally have spent over an hour on this dress each day.. But I’m not sure if I’m going to totally be a part of it since it kind of burnt me out last time.. That was because I resolved to make an entire article of clothing every day. Maybe I can do it if I just take one hour, like you are supposed to! We’ll see! Either way, head over to PR&P and check out the other refashions :)

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  1. Adorable! Best princess costume ever! Thank you so much for sharing at Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey! Hope to see you again this week!

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