So, a Needle Pulling Thread!

This is the second week of Project Run & Play and the theme is “Let’s go to the Movies!”


Last week Jake and I subjected Millie to The Sound of Music, which we enjoyed WAY more than she did, lol, but of course that was my obvious choice since it was so fresh in my mind for movie inspiration :)


Just call me Frauline Michelle!


I went true to the movie and actually used old curtains for little matching outfits for Millie and Quinn. A pretty little dress for Millie, and of course baby lederhosen for Quinn!! I think I bought these curtains at Ikea years ago. I had them in the first house Jake and I lived in, but they have been hanging out in the closet at our current house. I was more than happy to put them to good use :)


For the lederhosen, I very loosely followed an old Burda pattern I have for baby shorts. I added the suspenders and omitted the snaps on the bottom. I want to eat him in this.  My little wiener schnitzel!


For Millie’s dress, I just drafted my own pattern from an existing dress she has and made my own pleats. I totally just eyeballed the pleats, and I am very proud because the dress part TOTALLY fit the bodice on first try! A total fluke, but awesome all the same :) At first I was going to try to copy the Liesl dress from the movie, but then I though whatever, Millie is NOT 16 going on 17, she is 4. Let’s model her dress after one of the younger kids, lol.


I lined the bodice with some nice soft brown voile so that the dress wouldn’t be all scratchy and stiff. I closed it with a simple pink button.


Also, I figured the governess Frauline Marie would have wanted to save time, having to make 7 outfits, so I used the existing hemline from the curtains for the bottom of the dress.. NO HEMMING!! yay!!!!


This was a really fun little project! And both outfits came together fairly quickly, I started Saturday night and ended this morning. Yesterday Jake had some guys over to watch football and I said it would be totally okay if he watched the kids while I got some sewing time done upstairs :) So this was an awesomely productive sewing weekend!


We had a fun little photo shoot, Millie was dancing with Quinn, and they both liked playing the piano together. Julie Andrews would be proud!

11 thoughts on “So, a Needle Pulling Thread!

  1. I would have never thought to use real drapes to make the outfits… and create such wonderful outfits. Creative and BRAVE.. what a Mom. I just love the results. I’ll be looking to see what you do next week for repurposing.

  2. What a great idea. I love all your photos. Didn’t Fraulein Maria also make a dress for herself out of the curtains? Are you quite sure you don’t have some more sewing to do? :)

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