Warm Winter Wonderland!


Hooray, just by the skin of my teeth I managed to participate in Project Run & Play again! This is the first week, and the theme is Winter Wonderland. I have to say, finding inspiration for this was pretty tough. I know last week I was complaining about 16 degrees, but this week has been gorgeous and in the 70’s!! So I’ve been thinking of spring (even though I’m sure more cold weather hit us before spring actually gets here). I decided to use wintery colors but make a more warm- weathered dress… With room for layers in case of another arctic weather blast ;)


Months ago I won the Debbie’s Birthday dress pattern from SewPony during a blog giveaway. YES! People really do win giveaways!! I was super excited :) Of course, I won it right before winter started and I was more in a pants sewing mode than dress, so I hadn’t made it.. Until now! I figured it would be perfect for this creme colored corduroy I bought ages ago when the Joanne’s by me was closing and I bought the whole darn bolt for $4. I got the black one too :D I had a bunch of leftover snowflake fabric from my Christmas tree skirt and decided to use that for the accents.


OH and another thing.. I never actually wrote a New Years resolution post, which kind of goes against what my resolutions were… lol.. But part of my goals involved no more fabric shopping for a while. So another challenge for me within these challenges are that I have to use the fabric I already have in my stash. I kind of went nuts last year so now I have to use it :)


On to the dress.. I went with the option that had the peter pan collar. The pattern itself has 2 views, basically 2 different dresses, which is awesome. I thought it would be sweet to use the blue snowflake fabric for collar. This view of the dress had 2 pieces of fabric for the front, which created a seam down the center. I didn’t want a showing seam, so I covered it with the silver snowflake bias I used for the tree skirt. Instead of sewing right sides together, I sewed wrong sides together and then totally encased the seam allowances in the bias strip to make it look really nice and finished, even on the inside :)


I made the size 5, which is actually a little big on Millie, but that is okay, I always appreciate room to grow :) This dress came together really quickly and easily, the pattern was super nice to work with and had very clear instructions.


I had this sweet moon button in my stash and I kind of love it, since I feel that snow is most beautiful at night.


I took the pics last night as soon as I finished the dress. Millie really wanted to wear it right away so I figured I better get pictures of her while she was wearing it in case she had other wardrobe ideas today. Night time photo sessions normally don’t go that well, but THANK GOODNESS I did it, because the poor girl isn’t feeling well due to allergies (the cedar pollen its nuts here right now) and all she wants to do is lay on the couch with a blanket on her.

I’m so excited about this PR&P! It was the perfect reason to get my butt excited about sewing again :) Next week’s theme is Inspired by Movies, I better get my thinking cap on and figure out what I’m going to make!!

Fancy baby Photo Bomb:


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  1. I can not believe how well and fast you can pull together a piece of clothing. Clothing completely intimidates me. I stick with quilts, but I do so enjoy your blog. I too am a Florida girl but have been in Colorado 30 years now. Enjoy those babies.

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