New Year, New Dress

Happy New Year, everyone!!

photo 4(8)

I hope everyone had a fantastic night last night :) I did, until I passed out, lol! This lady apparently has a hard time staying up until midnight! I made it to 12:03ish and then crashed. And let’s not talk about the nap I took from 10:30- 11:53 beforehand, ha!

Anyways, I wasn’t planning on sewing Millie a New Years dress, but I just happened to find a window of time yesterday to get something done, and I hadn’t touched my sewing machine in a week (withdrawals!) so I whipped up a Figgy’s Etheral Dress :)

photo 2(14)

I had bought this lovely Amy Butler voile specifically for this project, it is SOOO soft!! I basically wanted to hug and cuddle with Millie the whole time she was wearing it. It was also a dream to sew with! My first time using voile, I think I’m hooked!

  This pattern came together SO quickly, like seriously I was able to make this whole dress while Quinn took a nap. AND I had time to take a shower after! That nap was wondrously long :) My sister was behind me and said “Man, you can sew a dress in the time it takes me to knit the toe of a sock!” Yes, this is one of the reasons I love sewing. Immediate gratification!

I decided on long sleeves since it is winter and the longest length because I asked Millie how long she wanted it and she pointed to her ankles, haha. I made the size 4/5 exactly as the pattern was.

photo 3(9)

I wondered if the pattern on the fabric was a little too busy for the long sleeves, but Millie absolutely loves it so that is all that matters. And thank goodness! I was afraid she wouldn’t want to wear it because she got so many Disney princess dresses for Christmas! We now have a Frozen dress, Merida, and Tinkerbell to add to the costume dress collection… I love how much she loves her dresses, but I really would rather see her wear something I make, of course! So it made me really happy when she put on this dress immediately upon completion and actually even wore it to sleep :) That marks a major happy success in my book!

photo 1(15)

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  1. Adorable! Happy New Year!

  2. Your pics are adorable! Love her dress! Wishing all great things in 2014! Thanks for sharing on Whatever Wednesday!

  3. Gorgeous! Perfection on the fabric choice!

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