Chubby Little Fingers

Man, it has been slow-going on the sewing front in my house!

I did finish all the necessary gift sewing I had, thank goodness, but I can’t write about any of it (yet) because it would spoil the surprise for the receivers.

I am having such a hard time finding the opportunity to quilt my tree skirt or make Quinn’s stocking. Probably because of this:


Nope, those are not my sweet chubby little fingers. They belong to a certain baby boy who wants nothing to do with playing on the floor, he wants everything to do with sitting on my lap and getting into whatever it is I have my hands on.

That and I have been having such a good time listening to Christmas music and making cookies and dancing and being goofy with the kids. It has been very easy to persuade me to play princess these days. Must be that holiday spirit :)

My family is coming to town on Friday so that leaves me all of one day to finish things up. Unfortunately the house needs a good cleaning, which is more important than these little projects of mine.

Thank goodness this skirt doesn’t NEED to be finished this year, I just wanted it to be. Maybe they will let me at least finish his stocking by watching the kiddos for a little while! ;D

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