So this morning, I got up around 6:45. I thought “YAY I get to have a couple hours to make stuff!”

I really need to get on to making the gifts I plan on giving people for Christmas, this is insane how I’m waiting til the last second for the things that I actually NEED to get done, lol. So I decided to start working on my mom’s gift.

I heard Quinn cry the second I finished ironing the fabric. He has quite a stuffy nose and can’t breath or nurse well right now : ( I couldn’t get him to go back to sleep, so I just brought him into the sewing room. There began the distractions… It is hard to think when you have a little boogery baby crawling all around you!

Anyways, the only thing I ending up accomplishing this morning was necessitating a trip to Joann’s today :( I really wanted to be done fabric shopping for the holidays!! I cut into my interfacing all wrong with no plans so it is all in pieces now, and certainly not the right sized pieces.. At least I haven’t screwed up the actual special fabric (yet)!

No pics today. On top of not wanting to spoil anything for my mom, I’m too upset.. I just wanted to share my frustrations!

I hope everyone else’s holiday sewing is going more smooth than mine!!

5 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. Hey tomorrow will be better :) Just wait and see! I planned about 6 mo ago to make a queen sized t-shirt quilt for my son for Christmas – haven’t started yet and don’t really know how to quilt. So no worries, you aren’t the only procrastinator!!

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