I Must Be Insane!

I have officially gone in full Christmas sewing mode.

This weekend I started my Christmas tree skirt (I just KNEW I could use my 10 degree ruler for something again!) and also started on Quinn’s stocking.

I am SOO happy with the way the tree skirt is coming out!! I love the frosty snowy-ness of it! And I was making myself laugh because chevron is not my favorite pattern in the world, but I think it looks awesome in a circle :) I am almost half way done with the top, which is totally exciting. I am WHIPPING through this!

photo 1(11)

I also made a bunch of red pinwheels for Quinn’s stocking, and started on the green ones. Don’t ask me why I put a pound puppy in the middle. I have no idea.

photo 2(11)

Also, don’t ask me why I am making my life difficult making Quinn’s stocking have pinwheels… I woke up at 4:45am yesterday because my mind is crazy and once I start thinking about ANYTHING at all it is impossible to go back to sleep. So I got up, grabbed some coffee and started crafting. It took me like 3 hours just to make 14 pinwheels, plus getting some other started… Not very fast progress with that! Oh well as long as I’m done before Christmas Eve, I’m good :)

SO there is all this that I’ve made myself accomplish, on top of the gift sewing list I have going on… I really should have started in July, not a couple weeks before the big day!!

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