My Sweet Shared Finish


I did it! I finished my quilt today! Surprise! It is in the shape of a hexagon! Millie and I have already tried it out, it fits us both PERFECTLY :)

I bound most of it yesterday in a really nice situation.. Quinn was asleep and so Millie and I sat on the couch together watching a Christmas movie warming ourselves under the new quilt as I sewed the binding on  :)

It was really sweet, she wanted to help me, so I would put the needle where I wanted it and she would pull it through. Seriously wonderful bonding time! It would have gone twice as fast if it weren’t for her help, but I will treasure that memory with this quilt. I know it is cheesy, but I think it is so special that my intention was for the quilt to be shared by us and the fact that we actually finished it off together makes it just that much more special.

This morning I had to finish it up, and I thought I would whip it up really fast before anyone else woke up, but then Millie woke up saying she had a hurt tummy and then proceeded to puke everywhere :( She wanted me to have her sit on my lap and help me again, which I did, only this time I was afraid she would get sick on it, thankfully she didn’t! lol.. OH and then as we were sitting on the couch, down comes our kitten Ellie, she fell down the banister on the second floor and landed on the ground on the first floor!!! I was like OH SHIT! Then I felt bad that I said shit about 2 inches from Millie’s ears, then ran to see if the cat was okay. Of course she was, she is a cat, and they always land on their feet…. she landed on her head (I saw it) but she seems no crazier than usual, which is ultra crazy..

Anyways, I finally finished it and I am really happy with it!!

The front is Briar Rose, the backing is Exclusively Quilter’s Tribute to Monet, which I can’t even find online but I got it at my LQS. The binding I used was Comma by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics, but swinging in mustard, which isn’t listed on the site, which I also bought at my LQS A Quilter’s Folly, in case anyone is interested.


I tried taking pictures outside but it was 30 degrees this morning and wet. My clothes line, where I have hung my quilts before, was not tall enough so the quilt was brushing on the wet lawn, plus the wind was flopping around the hexagon sides too much. I tried to drape it on the fence but the wind kept whipping it off so I gave up and brought it inside. Thank goodness because my hands were getting numb!

The quilting is no where NEAR perfect, but I totally am enjoying the heck out of the quilt anyway. I was wondering as I was binding it if I would have been happier doing free motion stippling instead of trying to circle around each triangle because I have already done it and it is easier to not mess up because you can’t see flaws as much with lots of squiggly lines. But I decided I like to try new things all the time and it was best that I went with what I had never done before. That is how you learn, through mistakes and experience, right!? My mitered corners on a 120 degree angle game out AMAZING!! Just look at that baby! I’m super proud of them! My binding just gets better and better with each quilt, and considering this was only my 4th, I’m pretty darn impressed with myself :) I also love how the binding color matches little bits of the briar rose line and has little circles overlapping, which is pretty much how the quilting is.


I really like the backing, I like how it complements the front with having nothing at all to do with it, lol.


Since Millie helped me sew it, she wanted me to take a picture with her in front of it :)


Then she took the camera and told ME to pose behind it, and told me EXACTLY how to hold it and EXACTLY how to make my face. So, even though it is an extremely silly and unattractive face, it was what the photographer wanted so there it is!


YAY so happy to have this project done!! Now it is time to get on to the insane Christmas sewing list I have going on!! Only 19 more days, yikes! :/

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