It’s all a Learning Process, Right?

I finished with the quilting portion of my quilt this morning, so all I have to do to finish is make the bias tape and sew it on, which is really exciting! I can’t wait to finish this and get started on my Christmas sewing, which I’m seriously slacking on.. I meant to sew a tree skirt but all of a sudden December happened and we got a tree but I never even got around to buying holiday fabric, whoops! :/ But back to this current work in progress..

This was the first time I quilted with cotton thread instead of polyester. I think I like polyester better.. It just seems smoother to sew with, at least for free motion quilting. I had quite a hard time getting my curves right on this. A few came out okay.

photo 2(10)

And the rest came out ridiculous.

photo 3(8)

 I understand it take lots of practice to get good at free motion, so I’m not all THAT upset. I also know it would have been LIGHT YEARS better if my disappearing ink marker didn’t run out of juice when I was trying to draw perfect circles with a compass and so I just gave up on perfection and decided to wing it the whole time..  Apparently I’d rather have lots of mistakes and be done quickly instead of having it look nice but take a long time!! Have I mentioned I hate having works in progress? They taunt me.

photo 1(10)

Honestly though, I’m sure no one will look as closely as I do so I’m totally okay with it. I AM really happy with my piecing though, I had no issues with fabric puckering while quilting, so that is awesome!!

I’m hoping the kids sleep in again tomorrow so I can start working on the binding. Part of the reason I haven’t been able to sew or blog about it much is because Quinn has been waking up the same time as me, so I don’t have any free time. That and now he is crawling super fast and pulling himself up on everything so I can’t just plop him down and expect him to be safe anymore! This boy has been keeping me on my toes, for sure!

10 thoughts on “It’s all a Learning Process, Right?

  1. Love the triangles! Congrats on getting the quilting finished, and hopefully you will get a little bit of time to get it finished up so that you can check the block on this WIP. I always love checking things off my list! But speaking of tree skirts I am still finishing up one that I started LAST year….crazy. Good luck.

  2. I love your triangles. and so sorry to hear about the disappearing ink, mine is doing that also when I marl my lines for my drawstring bags. UGH.I guess we should look into friction pens. I know about the quilting too, some days we just want to get a quilt done.

  3. I love that idea for quilting the triangles! How fun, though I’m sure if I tried it, mine would be as crooked as crooked gets. It’s AWKWARD trying to make that type of smooth motion with FMQ. Anyway, once it’s washed especially your stitches will sink back and stand out even less. And it’s a gorgeous quilt regardless.

    1. Thank you, you just totally made me feel better about my wonky stitches! I hope you’re right about the washing, I think I’ll wash it this weekend to see what kind of crinkles it makes :)

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