Wonky Stitches

It’s been almost a week since I last posted. This is because I’ve been really busy doing the most awful free motion quilting ever. It is a good thing I’m keeping this quilt because I’d be ashamed to give it away!!

Just look at that craziness! I’m trying to circle around the triangles. Some look semi decent, others look ridiculous!! I keep jumping around accidentally. I know I just need to keep practicing so it is okay hopefully I will eventually get awesome at it and I will end up loving the amateur way this was quilted. Hopefully.

2 thoughts on “Wonky Stitches

  1. What a shame that you’re not happy with it – I fmq a lot and wonder if you can turn the speed down on your machine? I find fmq’ing at about half my machine’s speed and putting my foot down to the floor on the pedal allows me to retain control and keep the stitches even (though it does take me twice as long to complete a quilt!!!). :D

    1. That is a good tip, the triangles are quit large and so it is hard to smoothly guide the curve without stopping in the middle. That is where I’ve run into a lot of problems. I think it might be easier if I had some sort of attachment table for my machine. That and the kids nipping at my heels! Things were going a little more smooth this morning when they were asleep :) this afternoon I had to give up after one circle because Millie wanted to be a part of what I was doing, she kept leaning in on me which really made it hard to control my movements!

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