Quilty Happiness

I’m so excited I finished the top to my quilt today!


I’m pretty excited about this one! I really love the fabric! On top of being ADORABLE, it is really soft to the touch too! And I’m pretty proud at how *most* of my triangle points came together really well! I read how a lot of people have some serious issues with that part of the process with triangle quilts. I find it hilarious how this is my 4th quilt and I have yet to make one where I’m NOT sewing on the bias, ha! I guess I like to make my life challenging.. I just end up loving the designs of quilts that aren’t just squares. I feel like even if it is a little frustrating at times, the end result is TOTALLY worth it.

I’m also REALLY happy I finished it today, because I don’t have a design wall so I had to lay it out on the floor, and this weekend we are having and early Thanksgiving at our house, where there will be probably over 30 people and therefore having little triangles all over the floor would not have been a good idea. It was sort of necessary to finish it up, lol!

I went to my local quilt shop today and got awesome fabric for the back and binding, I can’t wait to finish it up, but that will have to wait til next week, gotta get ready for the huge family party!

Happy sewing!

6 thoughts on “Quilty Happiness

  1. As soon as I saw the photo I thought I have to tell her how great her points are, and then I read your post and you’ve already spotted that for yourself! Great colours and prints too – enjoy your party this weekend :D

    1. Haha! Of course I did, it became a little bit of an obsession getting it right!! Thank you! I’m excited for the party but I’m also getting antsy about finishing up this quilt! I know sewing isn’t something I should be doing today when there is cooking and cleaning to be done! I’m going through withdrawals!

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