Figgy’s Steller Dress

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I had to take a pause from sewing my quilt to make this new pattern from Figgy’s, the Steller Dress. They just came out with their new patterns a couple days ago and I had to grab some. I was printing up the pattern pieces yesterday and Millie grabbed the papers and said “Mommy, mommy, you have to make me this dress project, right NOW!” Of course, I got REALLY excited that she was not letting me, but forcing me to sew! We checked out my stash together and she told me which fabrics to use.  I got the scissors and started cutting out the pattern. This is where my troubles began, lol!

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I assumed she had grabbed all the papers from the printer, so I cut stuff out and started cutting fabric. I couldn’t figure out why the pieces weren’t fitting together, so I ran to grab my computer to read the directions. It was then that I realized there were more pattern sheets and my pieces weren’t big enough! Duh!! So I fixed all that and re-cut new pieces, fussy- cutting the cows and mushrooms. I sewed all 4 of  the patchwork sleeves together. I prepared them to attach to the bodice. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t line them up properly. Back to the instructions… DUH!! I did them all upside down!!!!! I would have to re-cut the cows and mushrooms AGAIN. There wasn’t enough fabric in my remnants that Millie had picked out to cut everything out a third time, so I had to unpick ALL THE SEAMS that I had sewn AND serged on ALL FOUR sleeves. That realization is when I decided to walk away last night and deal with it in the morning!!

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So this morning, I grabbed a coffee, my trusty seam rippers, put on an episode of Once upon a Time (yes, that is a guilty pleasure of mine) and started ripping. 12 sewn and serged seams later, I was ready to start afresh. Millie had school today so I had a lot of time to get cracking. I am SO happy to report that I ran into ZERO snaffoos today and it all came together amazing! Probably because I started to actually FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

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This was actually a really easy dress to make and I highly recommend it! Very clear and easy to follow instructions (if you read them!) I only did a couple things different. Instead of just top stitching the patchwork pieces together, I decided to make it interesting and use an embroidery stitch with gold metallic thread for fun. I love what that detail adds!

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I didn’t use a stabilizer for my knit as the instructions recommended, but I had no problem with it using my built in walking foot. (yay for Pfaffs!) Sewing the binding on top, I didn’t want the raw edge that the pattern calls for so I just sewed it on the opposite way, stitching right side of the facing to the right side of the dress and flipped it over that way so I was nice and clean.

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Again, Millie was in NO mood for decent modeling, I took about 100 pictures, and 95 of them were blurry and 100 of them had her making crazy faces. I can’t believe how fast this girl can move! At least most of the crazy movement was due to the face that she LOVES this dress, she feels totally beautiful in it :D I should have her pick out the fabrics more often! They may not be the fabrics I would have chosen, but at least the dress will get worn!!

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I will definitely make this dress again, next time picking the fabrics myself ;) I do love how Autumn-y the colors she chose are though!

*I am not affiliated with Figgy’s patterns, just a superfan :)

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