PSA: If you Care About Something, Hang it to Dry

I don’t know what my deal is with the laundry. I used to hang almost EVERYTHING to dry. These days, 99% goes into the dryer. It is probably because I do the laundry for 4 people now and I just can’t be bothered with that much laundry hanging all over the house at all times. That and I’ll admit, I’m super lazy.

But last night when I pulled Millie’s skinny jeans out of the dryer, my heard sank into my stomach¬† :(

photo 1(4)

Was it the material? The fact that I used a 4 thread overlock? It looks like it was torn perfectly from the bottom stitch, like it created a perforated edge.

photo 2(4)

I can probably try to patch these up, but they probably won’t be perfect and to be honest I am no good at actually getting myself to do mending. I have a pile of things that need to be hemmed or buttons fixed, etc. I wear pants with ripped hems because I’m too lazy to take the 2 minutes it would take to fix them. I guess mending just doesn’t bring me the joy that creating does.

So hopefully this will teach me a lesson to not be so lazy about taking care of the things that I care about :(

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