Millie Can’t Take Herself Seriously in her new Clothes

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I was pretty excited when Millie asked for a sweater JUST like Quinn’s, using only the mushroom fabric that I have way too much of. I finished it up yesterday morning, amazingly quick. I guess since I’ve sewn the Bimaa Sweater now 3 times, hoodie version twice, I am REALLY fast with it. I woke up before the family and only took about 30 more minutes after they woke up to finish it  :)

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I used leftovers from an old tee of Jake’s for the sides of the hoodie lining. I like how it breaks up the pattern a little. If I had more of the tee shirt material I might have used it for the arm and waist bands, but I didn’t so mushrooms it was!

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I could not get this girl to pose! All she wanted to do was dance around and make silly faces. And she refuses to take those shoes off! I kind of adore them, though.. These purple pants don’t match the sweater, but they totally match the shoes and since this girl is dressing herself these days, I should just be happy that she actually will humor me and wear what I sew her at all, I shouldn’t have to worry about her matching the things I make!

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She also is obsessed with the scarf I made her, and all day wouldn’t wear the hood from the sweater, would just wear the scarf on her head, ha! She had all sorts of patterns going on with her wardrobe today!

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At least I know she is super happy about having clothes that mommy makes her :D Man I love the dickens out of this crazy girl!!


Quick question, does anyone know of a fabric line with princess sharks, or girly sharks? Quinn is wearing a shirt today with sharks all over it and she begged me to make her one just like it but with girl princess sharks. :/ Seems both ridiculous and amazing! Maybe she should create her own fabric line ha!


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      1. Yes, the prices are high, which is why I’ve still not ordered anything from them despite being really really tempted (especially by the option of designing your own fabrics). Shipping to the Netherlands + import taxes makes it even worse. I’ve heard the quality of their fabrics is really good though.

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