Infinity Cowl Scarf

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I made this amazing Infinity cowl scarf for Millie yesterday. I saw it on Living with Punks. There is a free download of the pattern on her blog. It was SOOO fast and easy, if I don’t steal this one for myself, I will totally make more. I know it fits me because I have already worn it, ha! The only thing I did differently was instead of edge stitching the hole closed, I used a ladder stitch and hand sewed it up so there would be no visible stitches :) I used the leftover fabric from Quinn’s Bimaa sweater. I didn’t think there actually was enough fabric, but thank goodness this stuff had the exact same stretch in both directions so I was able to swing it :)

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Sorry for these ridiculous pictures, Millie has been nothing but silly lately and she will NOT take off this princess dress no matter how cold it is outside (it was 30 this morning!!) I had plans of putting her in a shirt that actually WENT with the scarf, but that just wasn’t happening. The above picture was her “serious model pose”, she put her foot up against the wall and had her most serious face on. Notice the shoes, by the way. She also refuses to take them off. We stupidly took her to Costco and walked past the toy aisle, she spotted those Minnie Mouse light-up shoes and just had to have them. We tried to convince her to tell Santa about them, but after much fussing, she won the battle. We only asked her to clean her room in exchange. Fair trade!

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Really. Silly girl was in NO mood to wear this thing seriously!

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OH it is probably because she decided that THIS is the way you are supposed to wear it. All day she’s been wearing it on her head like this, and freaks out if it isn’t perfectly over her head with her hair perfectly in place under it, lol!
We have a girl who KNOWS what she wants! Hilarious.

Man, it feels good to be back in the sewing chair!

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