Sewing for the Winter Chill


  When I woke up this morning it was 36 degrees, which is CRAZY cold for Texas. My house was 60 and I was FREEZING. I realized my kids are NOT prepared for the winter season when it comes to clothes!


I have really been lacking motivation for sewing since I really love sewing little summer dresses the best, but I know that it would be ridiculous to sew a light little frock up right now. However, this snap of chilly air got me excited to make some warm things for the kiddos :) Also Millie had a day out with her Gramski so I had the time to be able to make something, yay!

photo 1

I have been wanting to make Quinn a hooded Bimaa Sweater, I made Millie the cowl neck version during Kids Clothes Week and I loved how easy it was to put together and how snuggly it is on her. I actually cut out the pattern for him the same day I cut hers out, but never touched it. I even bought this awesome super soft Aztec/ Native American fabric at Joanne’s for this a couple weeks ago! So it all made today’s sewing pretty convenient since all I had to do was cut and sew.

photo 4

I used my serger for this 100%. I never even turned my sewing machine on. I LOVE projects where I can just zip right through them with that machine! It goes so fast and I don’t have to go back to finish any edges. LOVE IT.

photo 2

I didn’t have enough of the main fabric to do both the inner and outer hoodie, but I do have tons of this mushroom fabric, also purchased at Joanne’s when the store was relocating, I think I paid $2 for the entire bolt! I have since been trying to use it up. There is a LOT left. I don’t think mushrooms have ANYTHING to do with any Aztec type prints, but whatever. Or maybe they do? No, they took peyote, not mushrooms as far as I know, lol! Maybe I shouldn’t link a drug reference to my 7 month old’s sweater.. it does give it a little pop of cheer though :)


Anyways, I love it, such a quick sew and should keep him nice and warm for the 5 days of cold weather we get around here :) And maybe I CAN get away with making a dress again soon.. After all, the forecast calls for temps in the 80’s this weekend, ha!


Taking pics of this was kind of difficult, Millie was jumping on top of me and since Quinn just started crawling recently, he wanted nothing to do with sitting still. It was pretty funny though, his little hood got in his eyes and he couldn’t figure out how to get it out, he was only pulling on it and making it worse, it totally made me crack up!


He was very happy and thankful when I fixed the problem :D

photo 3

Silly kid.

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