Heirloom Quilts

This weekend my family went up to Houston to visit with my husband’s father and grandmother. His grandmother was crocheting a gorgeous little baby blanket and Christening dress for one of her great grandchildren. We naturally started talking about crafting and sewing and all that stuff :)

It was so cool, she whipped out an old quilt that she had made, it was a quilt top that she bought with appliqued flowers, then she got batting and used a bed sheet and hand quilted it all together with an embroidery hoop. It had some serious wear and tear, she said it had been used for years and that of course, it was always the blanket that the kids wanted to use when the slept there.

Then she took out this AMAZING thing that she said her Aunt had made and given her, she said she thinks it is over 100 years old, it was so awesome! A totally hand sewn yo yo style quilt, it was HUGE!


This isn’t the actual quilt, although it was very bright and colorful like this one. I found this pic on the internets.

I am SOO mad I didn’t take any pictures, I was just way too into the conversation. But I was just flabbergasted at how much time and effort must have been put into creating this thing. Again, some stitches were coming out and it smelt very musty. We talked about how to clean it (and if she actually should). We decided it would probably be best to just hang it in the sun for a little while to get the musty smell out, that it wasn’t actually dirty, just very old.

These heirlooms are SO amazing to me and I’m happy to have been able to handle this incredible piece of family history.

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  1. Oh, what a find!! I had a crazy quilt my mother had done (all by hand) on her lap, while her husband drove. They traveled a LOT, so she was in the car more than in the house. I kept that thing until it LITERALLY fell apart, and the pieces were too old to reuse. She had used old stuff to make it. I get my REmissionary bent honestly. :-) Wish I had taken a picture too. :-(

  2. Do you have the pink one that she made for Lisa? I have the green one at home that she made for me when I was little, and Millie wore when you were up north for pop pop’s birthday

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