Finally Finished the Shattered Stained Glass!

I finally finished my shattered stained glass quilt!


Remember how I said I had bought this fabric for someone in particular and started making it for her but than fell in love with it during the process and got selfish, wanting to keep it? Well that person is my sister. You see, she has knitted beautiful blankets for both my kids, and although I have made my niece a couple dresses and she has gotten all of Millie’s hand me downs, there really is something special about quilts, it takes (me) weeks to make a quilt where it can just take an afternoon to make a dress.

She and my niece came to visit this week, which was really fun! But she kept saying how the quilt was so beautiful and how it was all her favorite colors smushed into a beautiful blanket.. PLUS it was her birthday on Monday. SIGH. I had no choice, the quilt was hers all along!! I tried hiding the fact that it was going to actually be hers for a few days because I wanted it to be a surprise. But I also really wanted to finish it before she and Evie left and I knew the only way that would happen was if she was okay with me sewing a bunch while she was around. I caved and told her at dinner on her birthday. It was all totally worth giving it up because when I told her I was actually making it for her, she got tears in her eyes :) I told her to not be silly and don’t cry, but I thought it was really touching that she did!

From then on it was a mad rush to the finish line, lol! They left this afternoon so I really just had yesterday to make the binding and sew it on. I wanted it all done last night so I could take some pictures this morning. I was “that girl” who took a quilt to a restaurant to hand sew the binding LOL! I didn’t want to waste any time!


I reached my goal and finished it up around 9pm last night! Just by the skin of my teeth :)


I used a Jelly Roll, Karavan by Free Spirit. I actually bought the jelly roll because I loved the elephants, but I had no idea how HUGE the elephants were and the strips only had little portions of legs and you couldn’t at all tell there were elephants at all. So I got a couple yards of it to use for the backingĀ  :) I don’t have incredible pictures because it was dreary and raining out this morning so I was forced to take my photos indoors.

I quilted it by just stitching in the ditch diagonally. I thought the front was busy enough with all the colors that it didn’t need any visible quilting. Plus I thought the simple stitching gave the back a nice soft finish. I used a dark purple for the binding, which at first I was upset because the purple I bought wasn’t a perfect match to the purple in the quilt, but it ended up looking awesome and complementing it anyway.


I just had to post this pic of Quinn standing in front of the quilt. STANDING. This boy is 6 months old. He is INSANE.


Also this, isn’t there a thing with “cats and quilts”? Ellie is Millie’s new kitten and she was actively involved in the making of this quilt. There were several times where she was trying to bat at the needle while I was sewing the pieces together, I was scared to DEATH that she would move like lightening and get her little paw pierced by the needle. Crazy kitten.


So there we have it! This gorgeous quilt is now on an airplane with my sister on it’s way to a new home. It certainly feels weird to finish something and then send it off so quickly, but giving feels really good, especially when it is really appreciated :D

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

19 thoughts on “Finally Finished the Shattered Stained Glass!

  1. It is absulutely gorgeous! Fabulous, wonderful, yummy!
    You are the best sister!
    Wish my sister would quilt for me, but NOOOOO I am the one that quilts in the family! LOL!
    (p.s. will start a new project, just for me… soon!)

    1. Thank you :) I know maybe it was best that I have it away almost the second I made my last stitch. It is really hard not to get attached to something that is such a part of your life while you are making it. Good luck to you keeping your willpower at Christmas!

  2. I love the elephants!!! I love the colorfulness of the quilt. I definitely need to learn how to quilt soon. Also that kitty is adorable wrapped up in the quilt! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!

  3. That’s really nice. You’re right about the elephants in the Jelly Roll – whodathunk? But the backing was the perfect choice and brought it all together.
    I’m just down the road from you in LaVernia. Maybe on one of my jaunts up I-35, I’ll run into you in a fabric store. Love your blog. Keep up the quilting! I started quilting about 5 years ago when my first g-son was on the way and have never looked back. I learned from Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quit Co via YouTube and I finally got to meet her in Houston at the Quilt Fest last Nov and even got her autograph like the sewing geek I am. :) Anyway, best of luck on the SMS challenge!

    1. A fabric shopping meet up, how fun! I know what you mean about geekyness, I was like a kid in a candy shop when I went to Quiltcon this year! I’m currently SLOWLY working on a huge king size double wedding ring quilt on top of a block of the month. I like the slow pace this time around, I don’t feel like there is a deadline for my quilt, which is nice! Even if it takes a year :)

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