Inspiration and a Sewnhenge Flickr Group

I think it is so awesome how we all get inspiration from each other out in this little sewing universe. There have been so many blogs out there from which I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from and tutorials that I’ve followed. To be honest, I completely learned how to sew from reading blogs and following tutorials and reading tips. There is an incredible wealth of knowledge that is free for the picking if we choose to take it. Isn’t the internet amazing!?

This is one of the reasons that I created a blog in the first place. Not only did I want to catalog the creations I made for myself and for my family to see the kiddos, but I wanted to try to “give back” a little and impart my own knowledge and what I have learned and maybe inspire some other people with my own ideas.

You can imagine how amazing it felt for me when I saw not one, but TWO different people complete my hexagon mug rug!

Linda, over at The REmissionary made an awesome potholder using my tutorial:


A potholder! What a great idea!! I love how she used only scraps and MAN I love those chicken and egg pieces! So utterly perfect for the kitchen, I think I’m going to copy her and make one myself! Linda takes old things and brings new life into them, showing off her creativity and how “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Lots of inspiration there!

Marie over at Discovering Marie made a nice blue one, where she says she made “the biggest mug rug ever” but I like it! It means you can not only fit a mug, but a little piece of cake or pie too ;)


Marie is totally new to sewing, her husband got her a machine last year and she has been “discovering” her crafty side ever since. I love how she posts all the steps along they way on her blog. She even made a video of her progress of this mug rug on her site :) She is proof that you can start any time to tap into your creative side, no matter what angle. She has many interests!

You should go over to both their blogs and check them out!

I just feel so honored to have been the person these two wonderful women were inspired from! It makes me feel warm and cuddly inside :D

So I decided to create a Sewnhenge Flickr group dedicated to projects that have been made from my tutorials or for anything else that was made from any influence I have had on anyone with this blog. Anyone can join the group, I’ve made it open to anyone who would like to join it and share their creations :D

I will have a link to the flickr group over on my sidebar and a scroll of the pictures going :)

Please, if you have already made something, go ahead and join and and add your picture to the group, I can’t wait to see what you have made!!

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