The Sally Dress

I don’t know if I’m one of those people who sees something a million times and have to have it, I know a million bloggers out there have made the Sally dress by Very Shannon for their kids, but DERN it I love it too! I swear I wanted to make it the first time I saw it!


I was happy to get it in the Sew Fab bundle they had going on (this is where I got most of the patterns I’ve sewn this week, love new things!) and it was one of the first things I wanted to sew. I know I need pants and long sleeves, but I just HAD to make this! I used the longer sleeves for it so it SORT of fits my requirements for my sewing this week.


I ALMOST finished up the dress yesterday, but I just couldn’t make my own deadline. I had to hem it this morning. I adore the dress! It is adorable, Love those pockets. Millie loves it too, she won’t stop twirling!


I have to say though, looking at the dress in photos, it looked like it would be an easy sew. In actuality, there was a LOT of hand sewing involved! Folks, this is not the dress you should pick to sew as your first clothing project. That is all I’m saying. I also had some difficulties with my fabric, it is so thin and soft (another NYC fabric purchase at $5 a yard). The ends were fraying so quickly, they were practically turning to dust in my hands, so the more I fiddled with the dress and the hand sewing, the more I feared the whole thing would come apart before I was even finished. I am usually lazy about laundry and toss everything into the dryer. This dress will most certainly be hung to dry!

The hand sewing, as much as I could have gone without it, did make it turn out into a beautiful finished product.


The changes I made were adding some ric rac to the front to keep it interesting to give it a little “something, something”. Also, I’m not sure what happened, but there was more of the top bodice than the lining bodice when I was attaching it with the top stitching, so I had to get creative and make a little pin tuck in the center back. I like the look it gives it, thank goodness :) Pretty much I just followed the pattern’s directions though.


I haven’t started yet on my Saturday project, I’m hoping I can find some time during the day to sew up some pants for Quinn. This is the one thing I am seriously lacking in. I need to make him about 20 pairs. Just today and tomorrow left for KCW! I better get cracking!

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  1. So cute! Love the pockets! Looks amazing! Thank you for sharing at Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey! Stop by this week for our NaBloPoMo Whatever Wednesday and link up you blog! Hope to see you there!

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