KCW Day 4 Success!

I am so insanely proud of myself! I am officially caught up with my silly goals I have set for myself! Not only did I finish Millie’s pants today, but I also threw in a long sleeve raglan shirt for Quinn AND took pictures AND both kids were CRAZY photogenic amazing models!!

Just LOOK at this ridiculous pose!


I just LOVE how these pants turned out! I am also so very happy that they not only fit, but there is room to grow so we can enjoy them for a while!


Millie was enjoying the heck out of having pockets in her pants since the only pants she usually wears are leggings, which don’t usually have that feature.


As I said earlier, these pants are the Skinny Jeans from Peek a Boo pattern shop. I have always been intimidated by sewing actual pants, I figured there would be so many steps that I would feel overwhelmed. I really like immediate gratification!


But these actually came together quite easily for me! They have officially made me get over my fear! I have some other pant projects that have been sitting on my shelf that I will DEFINITELY tackle now!


Also as I said earlier, the amazing material was some goodness I picked up on my NYC fabric shopping trip and I just adore it! I really really really wish I had these pants in my size, lol! The shirt she is wearing is my lettuce hem tank, which Millie has thankfully taken a liking to :)

On to Quinn’s shirt!


I wanted to sew something fast and easy up that I know I love, so I whipped up an Oliver +S Raglan Tee. Again, more shopping trip fabric made up the stripy stuff on the front. I really went all out when I went there! The sleeves were actually cut from a pile of Jake’s old tees that I’ve been trying to dwindle down.


I love this pattern because it is SOOO easy to sew, like 20 minutes from cutting to finishing easy to sew! I did use my serger, which always speeds things up. That and it just seems to fit so perfectly.


Look at these perfectly matched stripes in the seams!!


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