Failing to Reach my Goals, or the CKW Day 3 Recap

I know today is day four of Kids Clothes Week, but I’m posting about yesterday, my big ol’ fail day!

I tried so hard yesterday to finish a pair of pants for Millie! I don’t know why I do this to myself, I could have easily picked a knit leggings pattern and whipped up a few, but NOOOO I just HAD to tackle my first ever pair of actual pants from the Skinny Jeans pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop! They are just too darn cute and I had the perfect fabric for it, I couldn’t resist!!


Just look at this amazing fabric! Not even sure what it is.. Velour? It is thick like jeans, fuzzy on the outside like velour but not stretchy… I’m obviously no fabric expert, but I just love it! Another great find when I was shopping in NYC I saw this and instantly knew it would be pants! I kind of wish they could be pants for me!

I woke up crazy earlier than the rest of the family and got cutting. But then Millie woke up earlier than usual. So I made her breakfast. Then Quinn got up. Then it was time for gymnastics.. I figured I could go to town while Quinn napped his usual long nap in the middle of the day. There was no long nap today. Just 3 15-30 minute naps scattered throughout the day. Quinn was also not satisfied rolling around on the floor while I sewed. He expressed his distaste for being ignored quite well. So I couldn’t reach my goal of finishing at least one item of clothing a day this week. It sure is hard to explain to a 6 month old your silly plans of churning clothes out quickly!

Here is a sneak peek of the pocket detail. I just love how they are turning out!


I came very close, though! All I need to do is sew a button hole, sew on the button, do the belt loops and hem the pants. That *shouldn’t* take me very long! Maybe I can finish these up AND get photos of Millie wearing them AND maybe make up for lost time by making a quick raglan shirt or something :D I can do it!!

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