Millie’s Mermaid Costume

I made Millie’s Halloween costume yesterday! She initially asked to be a black cat, which kind of bummed me out because I had spotted this mermaid fabric a few weeks earlier, but then out of the blue, without me even suggesting anything at all, she told her daddy she wanted to be a mermaid! YAY!!!!


This wasn’t exactly a photo shoot, I just wanted to snap some pics to send to my family. We also bought red hair spray (that is what she wanted instead of a wig) and a blue sequined tiara. The blue matches the stars and it pulls it all together nicely. But I figured I should blog a little bit about it in case anyone else wants to make a little mermaid costume. That and to prove I am doing something every day for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. OH and that black thing on her cheek is a temporary tattoo of Merida and 3 bears from the movie Brave… Any suggestions on how to remove those? It has been 3 days lol.

It was REALLY easy and took me no time at all! I measured Millie’s waist, then decided how long I wanted the fish skin to go and measured the circumference a little below her knees. I then measured the length between her waist and where I wanted to skirt to fall. I split the two round measurements in half (for the front and the back), then added 1/2″ seam allowances and drew those lines out on a paper, 16″ apart (that was my length measurement). I connected the ends of both lines diagonally. The waist was larger than the bottom. I wish I had taken pictures to explain this better, but I was on a roll and just went with it.

I had 3 half yards of tulle to play with, blue, yellow and green, all with sparkles. I wanted to connect them to the skirt where it would be comfortable, no itchy spots. So I ran a gathering stitch all the way down the middle of all 3 pieces at the same time. I gathered them up and sewed over that stitching line 1/2″ away from the bottom hem on the right side of the fabric. That way I could just fold it over in half and there would be no itchy seams!

I finished off the top by folding it under and sewing elastic sequins around it.

For the shirt, I used my easy tee shirt method (I didn’t want to bother setting in sleeves) on nude colored knit. Before I sewed the 2 pieces together, I got some wonder under and cut a couple starfish out of blue sequinny fabric and ironed those suckers onto the shirt. I probably should have also sewn them on to reinforce, but I was too excited! I serged up the shirt, which took no time at all, and was done!!

I haven not been able to get Millie out of this costume since I made it.. When I woke up this morning, she was already downstairs, already wearing the costume. I asked her not to run in it, I know how crap costume material can be, which is okay for a day of wear, but it won’t last long. But of course that is a crazy thing to ask of a 4 year old who is in love with it.. I should have waited to make this a little longer since I’ll most likely have to make a whole new one since it already looks like this (and even worse now that I’ve sat down to write this):


Good think I bought WAY too much of that fishy fabric! I think I might also have Quinn be a little merman baby, because that would be ridiculous :D


Off to day 2 of KCW, I have traced and cut out a few patterns to work on today so I better be off and send Millie to school so I can get something done!! Of course now she is telling me school is closed because she wants to stay home and do “fabric stuff” lol, I am creating another monster!

14 thoughts on “Millie’s Mermaid Costume

  1. I used the same fabric to make a mermaid skirt for my daughter, and it was slightly destroyed the first time she wore it. The fabric is not the greatest, but it works so well for the costume!

    1. I know it is fabulous with the scales! Unfortunately Millie has worn it every day and you can barely even see the scales there are so many runs In it! I really do have to make a new one before Thursday :( at least I know she loves it!!

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