KCW Day 2, Off to a Slow Start


I really thought I was going to get more accomplished today! I thought since Millie was in school I’d be able to get a lot done while Quinn napped. My plan was to make this cowl neck Bimaa sweater by EmmylouBeeDoo for Millie and also make a hoodie for Quinn from the same pattern. At least I got Millie’s done!


I got this pattern in the Sew Fab bundle a couple weeks ago and have been really excited to sew it up. I’ve seen different versions all over the internets and I have loved them all! It just seems like such a nice cozy warm item to have for the colder weather :)


The fabric was a really super soft knit with tiny yellow and white stripes that I bought during my recent haul when I went to the fabric district in NYC.


This pattern was SO fun and easy to sew up! I used my serger and everything went together really fast and there were absolutely no areas where I got stuck on. I had to use extra pins, which scares me when using a serger, but only because the fabric is so slippy. But the fact that the fabric is so soft makes me love it so it was totally worth the extra pinning :) I just went really slow with it to make sure no pins were in the way of the blade.


I sewed up a size 5 for this very big 4 year old and it fits great, even with room to grow (yay!)


I was unsure how Millie would feel about it since yellow is usually not her go-to color, but she LOVES IT, she was having such a fun time pulling the cowl up over her head and kept telling me how soft and comfy and warm it was  :)
She was even trying to somehow be the penguin that Dick Van Dyke does in Mary Poppins, haha, silly girl!
There will be lots more of these on rotation this winter!


After today only dealing with one kid, I realize that having multiple pieces of clothing finished in a day is an unreal goal! I think I’ll be totally okay if I at least have one finished item a day.. Let’s cross our fingers, this is a challenge, after all! I think tomorrow I’ll tackle some much needed pants :D

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