Kid’s Clothes Week

kid's clothes week

Today marks the start of kid’s clothes week! This means in the bloggy world of people who sew for their children, lots of folks will be trying to create a new fall/winter wardrobe basically non-stop (well, stopping to actually take care of the kids in between) this week! I’m actually really excited about this, I haven’t sewn for the kids in a little over a month, which is INSANE for me.. I’ve been too into the quilting thing lately. But that is all changing this week!

Weather is FINALLY cooling off here in Austin and I’ve been realizing my children’s drawers are seriously lacking in pants and long sleeve shirts. I know winter doesn’t bring SUPER cold temps here, but it does get down into the 20’s and that is way too cold for little sundresses and rompers, which is about all I have. Especially since Millie shot up like a weed this past year and I gave all her pants away to my niece.. I have only 2 pairs of pants that fit her now! Which makes me have to do laundry WAY too often :/ We need to change this!

But what am I doing writing about this when I should be working!? My kids are asleep and I need to start preparing!


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