Millie’s New ‘Chine


I couldn’t help it! I was shopping for Millie’s friend’s birthday when I saw this. I looked online and the reviews were TERRIBLE but it was on sale for $13 and I figured with it being that cheap, even if it didn’t work, it could be just a little toy to pretend with.

But it actually works!!!

It is a Lalaloopsy version of the Singer Junior Chainstitch Toy Sewing Machine. Millie has no idea who Lalaloopsy is, but it is pink so of course it is a winner, lol. It runs on batteries and ACTUALLY sews! With a foot pedal and everything! There is a plastic barrier by the needle so little kid fingers can’t get under it and be hurt, which is awesome, but also makes it really hard to thread. But it is doable (I’ve had to do it like 10 times already). And there is a light that comes on too, which doesn’t really illuminate anything, but it lets you know if your kid left the machine is still on so you don’t waste the batteries :)

I can totally understand why there are so many bad reviews. It gets caught up quite a bit and as I said before, it is REALLY hard to thread that needle due to the barrier. But it says it is for ages 8 and up.. This machine would be terrible for an 8 year old! Maybe I’m crazy, but I think at age 8, a child could be old enough for a real sewing machine. My 4 year old thinks it is the bee’s knees though, she loves it SO much!


Just look at those sweet chubby little fingers!! I was very impressed with how she went to town, she knew all the little details of what to do with the presser foot and holding the fabric. She must really watch me when I sew!

I can’t wait to sort out some time to help her make something super basic, like a pouch or something. She will be so proud of it! She was super proud of the scrap fabric that I was having her just free sew on :)

This is seriously one of the best purchases I have made in ages. She has been so joyous about her “chine” and all her “projects” and how she is “working” hahah, man I love this girl!

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    1. Thank you, I know I want to just eat her sometimes! lol That is a great idea for a pillow, after the holidays I think I’ll really get to sit down with her and make a project with her on that machine. I’ve actually never made one, so it will be a learning experience for me too!


  1. Please, I need some serious information about how to thread this toy cause my daughter broke the needle and I didn’t manage to figure out how to do it.Thanks in advance.

    1. OH NO! She actually broke the needle? I don’t think there is a way to change the needle at all. Threading it is a pain in the butt but doable. You have to go in from the right with the threader they give you and pull it through that way. Tweezers would probably be helpful there. It says in the instructions to not bother trying to open the machine up and fix it, but if she actually did break the needle, then the machine is garbage, I’m afraid. Because of that, I probably would try to take it apart and see if I could change the needle. How old is your daughter?

  2. hi there! merry xmas…my friend purchased this for her daughter and well, how do you keep the stitches from coming out. I thought it would have a bobbin or something but I think i’m overthinking the toy lol thanks!

  3. Hope you can help. Bought this for my daughter but no instructions!! Getting nowhere fast trying to locate some.Are you able to help?

  4. Hello my daughter receive this for her bday and she was so excited but it has no instructions!!!! Do you know where I can get them or could you email them to me?

  5. I don’t think it was a good idea to mention that you can actually “sew” with this machine. I have similar one labeled as “pleasure”, and to sum up – this machine is kinda an advertisement to buy a true kids sewing machine that – actually works (and costs a lot..)…
    The time adult spends changing threads every time child has sewn something is 20x longer and the result is very D-ish on A-F scale.

    A great machine to buy, remove batteries and thread and give to the child to play as-is, though.

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