My Finished Shattered Stained Glass Quilt Top!


Hooray I finished it today! I decided to just keep the layout I had planned, even though it didn’t turn out exactly how I had envisioned it. I stared at it enough and it grew on me  :) It looks like shattered stained glass to me, so that is what I’m going to call it. I used the technique I learned from this video, only I only sewed 3 strips together instead of 4 and I arranged them differently than she does. I can never do the easy thing and follow directions! I just have to spin it and make it my own  :)

I wanted to make tiny little pinwheel blocks and not have any like colors touching anywhere. That was the hard part, I must have spent hours rearranging those blocks to make sure all the colors were scattered.

Here are a couple close ups of the blocks:



And here is a close up of the other part of the design that catches your eye in between the blocks:


At first I was so mad those seam lines didn’t match up because I had totally forgotten about losing 1/2″ when sewing something on a diagonal. But the error totally grew on me.

I decided to press every single seam open. It certainly was a lot more work, but the results are very clean and crisp, I think this might turn out to be a preferred method for me. Here’s a photo of the back, LOTS of seams pressed open!!


I will have to wait to actually quilt it, I went to my local quilt shop but they don’t have the fabric I want for the backing (Karavan by Free Spirit) so I’ll have to wait and order it online. Also, I have to rethink HOW to quilt this now that those seams don’t line up like I thought they would. I need to think of something fun  :)

This took me about a little over a week to complete. I won’t say my drunkard’s path quilt was easier, but I did feel like more time was put into this one, and it is half the size!

13 thoughts on “My Finished Shattered Stained Glass Quilt Top!

  1. That turned our really cute. I did a quilt after seeing that video and I am pretty sure I did four strips. I thought it turned out pretty good too but It was hard because of the biasy pieces so I had trouble with stretching a bit. I didn’ t have near as many blocks so I know how hard you must have worked on this. Lovely!
    I think an allover design on the quilting will work on this.

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