Jelly Roll Lovin’


So excited to finally jump into my first jelly roll and make a new quilt :)

I was excited to start sewing the strips together. It is extremely satisfying to sew those really long lines down the strips. It took me a couple weeks to decide on what pattern to use. I even bought a few books thinking I’d be inspired to use those patterns, but I decided on an idea I saw from a video.. I’m not gonna tell until I’m done tho! No spoilers! :)

I’m LOVING the fabric (Karavan by Free Spirit) even though the awesome elephants got chopped up with the jelly roll.. I had no idea how big they were! I think I’ll get some for the backing because I think they are awesome and I was pretty upset about them being cut off.

I’m not sure if I’m going to keep this or if I’m going to give it as a gift.. quilts are seriously such a labor of love it is hard not to be selfish because you get so attached!

Does anyone else ever start a quilt not knowing who it will belong to when it is done? Or do you have intentions in mind throughout the process? I’m feeling a little bad because I DID have someone in mind, but now I might want to keep it!

Also.. Does anyone have any tips for pressing seams open and going a little faster? As it turns out, I loathe pressing. Ironing is okay, but pressing is the PITS! Pressing them open really DOES make them look more crisp, though…

Happy quilting!

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