How to Draw a Perfect Hexagon

I promised a tutorial for the hexagon mug rug I made earlier this week. I was going to draw a perfect hexagon and then make some sort of print out template, but then I realized that I personally would rather learn how to make my own than to have to rely on finding one. I decided I would make a tutorial on how to make your very own! What is that saying? Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish… you know the rest :)

It is actually quite simple and it is great since you can make it any size you want :)

All you need is a compass, a pencil, and some paper.


Decide how big you want your hexagon to be, accounting for any seam allowances. Draw your circle.


Without changing the size you had it set for your circle, take the point of your compass and place it somewhere on the edge of your circle. Make a mark with the pencil on the circle where it hits.


Place your compass point then on the mark you just made, and make a mark again where the pencil hits the circle. Continue this until you have gone all around the circle making 6 marks.


Take a ruler and connect the marks you made.


Voila! A perfect hexagon!


Now cut it out and you have your own perfect hexagon template!


I’ll be back tomorrow with the tutorial on how to make the log cabin hexagon block/ mug rug.  :)

10 thoughts on “How to Draw a Perfect Hexagon

  1. This is insanely easy – I’ve always bought the templates because I thought it involved some kind of higher mathematical calculations. Thank you so much!

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