A Growing Stash


I’ve been buying fabric more often than sewing lately!


I’m not normally someone who buys a ton of fabric with no specific garment or craft in mind, I usually buy what I need when I need it..

But in my defense, I was in New York City last week and so I kind of HAD to go a little nuts there! And then this weekend, due to ACL fest in town, there was a store wide 25% off sale at a local apparel fabric shop.. Since I couldn’t go to the festival yesterday (I had a ticket but no one to watch the kids) I decided to treat myself :D

I’m super excited about it all, especially my first Lawns and Voiles! Sooo soft and dreamy!

I can’t wait to get started making something! And I got that whole Sew Fab bundle (if you follow pretty much any sewing blogs you should know what this is by now and today is the last day to get it) so I have a LOT of new patterns to choose from!

HOORAY for inspiration!!

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