Hexagonal Log Cabin Mug Rug

I made a mug rug!


 I’ve still been trying to get back into the groove of sewing while I’ve been back home. I’ve been just doing little things here and there that don’t take that much time commitment since SO much has been going on here.


I had such a good time with my one log cabin block (who knew I could appreciate sewing in straight lines?) that I thought I would make a hexagon one! I have to admit, this is FAR from perfect!! The most difficult thing though was making a perfect hexagon. I know the angles are 120 degrees, but it was stupid difficult (early morning) to make a perfect one.. So I didn’t, lol.. I figured I’ll just make one little block and make something with it instead of thinking blanket type things.


I went ahead and just quilted with the lines of the piecing, drawing them all the way out to the end. It actually wasn’t until I was taking pictures of the back that I even noticed I totally forgot to quilt a whole section! Duh! Binding it was pretty easy, I kind of just did the same thing I would on a square corner and everything fell right into place. Of course machine binding it with a 4 year old on my lap who insisted on being the one who removes the clips made it a bit messier than It could have been, plus I used white thread instead of brown to match the binding.. Oh well it is just for me, it doesn’t have to be perfect!


I kind of LOVE it and am excited that now my coffee has something to sit on  :D And who knows, maybe I’ll make a PERFECT hexagon and make an actual quilt at some point!

Let me know if anyone wants a little tutorial on how to do this, it was actually pretty easy and if I take the time to make a tut than I’ll actually take the time to make sure my shapes are perfect, ha!

14 thoughts on “Hexagonal Log Cabin Mug Rug

  1. Wow, they’re o beautiful, I love the colors and patterns. Good job! Make me some please! ;) Actually, you’ve inspired me to try one myself. I don’t know when I have the time these days but hopefully sometime next month. Thanks for sharing this post, I enjoyed it!:)

    1. HA! If you lived closer I might have! But for real it was pretty darn easy and I just used scraps, took 2 mornings with kids buzzing around me to make it, probably would be even faster with no distractions :)

    1. Okay, cool! I think I might actually make a printable hexagon that is perfect so you don’t have to mess with it like I did :D
      Of course I’ll have to figure out how to do that too!
      I’ll work on it tomorrow while Millie is in school and I only have one peanut to contend with.

  2. Hay que poner un triangulo en el extremo del hexágono? y luego seguir con el espiral…
    Me encantaría ponerlo en mi colección de tutoriales.

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