Home Sweet Home!

Man, does it feel good to be home!

It was really nice visiting my family for 2 weeks. I had a great time and it felt like it went too fast, but being home feels amazing! It was really cool that my sister let me use her sewing machine so I could continue my participation in the Project Run and Play, but it really made me remember how much I friggen LOVE my own sewing machine!

I really wanted to just play with it when I got home, but I had SO much stuff to do with unpacking, laundry, cleaning, and taking care of the kiddos. And of course when Quinn was napping, I found a time where I could maybe do a little something.. Wouldn’t you know it, as SOON as I sat down in my chair that little bugger woke up! It is like there are bells on that thing for him!

Anyways, much later today I found a few minutes where I decided I might want to try to do some quilting.. I’ve been thinking a lot lately of trying a new quilt and just need to DO it. So I decided to make a log cabin block. I think that is what I did, anyway! Quilting is still totally new to me and I just sort of guessed at what you are supposed to do for it.. I used up some scraps and cut them in 2 inch strips with differing lengths and just sewed, piecing them around together, squaring them up.. Of course Millie joined in right away and sat on my lap while I cut and sewed and she picked out the fabrics for me to use.


It was so sweet, she felt totally a part of the process and was totally proud when I finished the little block :) I wanted to take pics and she insisted that she hold it while I did so, lol. I have no idea what I will make out of it, I really just wanted to use my sewing machine after 2 whole weeks without it. I am really attached to the thing, apparently. That or I am a crazy nerd.


Is this even a log cabin? I’m not sure but I like it:) Maybe I’ll make more blocks like this and make a baby quilt or something.. There are a couple pregnant ladies I know :)


17 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home!

  1. Great picture, and what a terrific way to start passing on your interests, skills, and passion to your daughter. Too many kids today are growing up without hobbies or real passions outside of video games. Your daughter will be one of those creative kids who loves to make things with her hands.

  2. I’m not a quilter either, but I’ve made some blocks that look a lot like this. I used some to make mug rugs, which I absolutely love. This is such a cute block, and a cuter block modeler. :lol:

        1. My foot actually has a guard guide exactly 1/4″ from the needle at center position. It is pretty brainless!! Most feet I think are about 3/8″ from the needle with no guard…

          1. I love that guide. Mine definitely doesn’t have a guide. I have a cheapo machine I got from Amazon for about $80. But it does the trick! But a guide would be great. When this machine dies I think I will upgrade to a slightly more expensive machine say in the $200-300 range. This was my first machine and I taught myself on it.

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