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¬† So this is week 4 of Project Run and Play, and the theme is “My signature style”. Which translates to Millie’s signature style. But I really love it too :)


I was really excited to sew for Millie this week. It really has been a while since I made a little dress. Probably about a month, which is CRAZY for me. She seemed to be getting a little jealous that everything I was making was for Quinn lately, too. I decided to elaborate on the typical dress that I usually make for Millie, which is a simple bodice with flutter sleeves and a gathered skirt. I have made her a bunch of this style dress and it always seems to be her favorite.


I started drafting different versions of the typical “princess dress” I make for Millie. I decided on a double flutter sleeve with scalloped edges and a tiered skirt. I found this super sweet fabric at Joanne’s that was pink with gold pin stripes, I totally fell in love with it and knew it was going to be her dress.


This took me a lot longer than it should have, I am still at my parent’s house and was again faced with the challenge of sewing in the middle of the kitchen with 2 crazy kids and a baby and lots of screaming traffic back and forth. Sewing is usually relaxing for me, it certainly wasn’t these past couple weeks! But I had committed to following this sew along before I knew I was going to New Jersey and I persevered :)


I am also really happy that: A. nobody hurt themselves and B. not ALL my fabric was cut into strips when one of the kids found the rotary cutters and went to town :/


So back to the dress :) I used the Figgy’s Scirocco dress pattern for the flouncy skirt part in a size 6/7 so it would be a little bigger and poofier on my 4 year old and then self drafted the top. The top is fully lined, I used some leftover sateen from Quinn’s shirt I made last week for the inside so it would be nice and soft.I wanted to be precise about lining up the stripes and I’m actually pretty proud of myself.


It came out so nice mostly!


Even at the shoulders!


I love the look of the scalloped edges, I had actually never used this stitch before and I was excited to use some shiny gold thread to match the gold in the stripes.


Also, my sister’s machine has a million feet that it came with, including a narrow edge hem foot. I actually had never used one before and I LOVE it! Now I’m going to have to buy one myself!


So nice and clean looking!


I embellished it with this lovely ribbon I found and used it as a belt, I sewed it right on using the gold thread and I used this awesome gold trim I bought while I was fabric shopping in NY. I finished it off with these perfectly matching gold buttons. I don’t know why, but I have really been into gold lately so it was really fun playing off these pin stripes.


I found these amazing gold star buttons and that is what I used for the closures in the back.


Millie TOTALLY loves this dress, which of course is the best part. Her cousin called it her ballerina dress and Millie corrected her saying “No, it’s not a ballerina dress, it is a PRINCESS dress.”

That is a success in my book!


As much as I had some logistic challenges during this sew-along, I had SO much fun being a part of it! There have been SO many impressive and inspiring creations that other people have sewn and I have really enjoyed every bit of being involved¬† :) Everyone who didn’t sew along should go check out the link up parties and the amazing contestants of this challenge. Project Run and Play, I can’t wait for a new season already!!


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14 thoughts on “My Signature Style

  1. What a cute dress! Gorgeous details! Totally impressed by perfectly aligned stripes. I can totally relate to sewing on the kitchen table, since that’s what I do. Glad the dress was not destroyed with the rotary cutter. :)

  2. I am so glad that you showed a close up of the fabric…it’s AWESOME!!! And the dress is lovely…and your comment about your kids finding the rotary cutter SCARED me!!! I’m always afraid of that happening!!!-liZ

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