Mad for Plaid

This is week 3 of Project Run and Play. I know I’ve been sewing an awful lot for Quinn and not for Millie, but I admit, when I heard the theme was “mad for plaid” the Scottish parts of my body tingled with joy and excitement, I just HAD to make a kilt for Quinn!!


I started researching how to make a kilt, and boy, oh boy! There are some serious rules for making authentic traditional kilts! It didn’t surprise me though, they have been a major part of the Scottish culture forever. I thought for a few minutes that I should try to make an authentic one but then reality hit me in the face and I decided I would just have fun with it and make a cute one that a baby could wear, without being crazy about exact number of  pleats and whatnot. Plus I’m not actually at home, I’m at my parent’s house, using my sister’s sewing machine in the middle of the kitchen and I definitely do not have all my usual sewing notions around me. So I decided easy was best!


There have been some challenges sewing here, for sure! I asked my father if they had an iron anywhere, he went up and got this ancient frost green thing, I was like “whoa! Is that from the 60’s?” He told me it was probably even from the 50’s! Crazy. I was worried it might not work since it was so old, but that thing sure did heat up, and FAST! They really don’t make things like they used to, I guess! I’m pretty sure it gets even hotter than today’s irons, my sister walked past it and knocked it over, it bounced off my leg and then hit the ground, HOLY HELL that hurt. It touched my skin for less than a second and my skin was scorched. Oh the injuries we face when trying to be creative!


Anyways, back to the kilt, I eyeballed how long I wanted it and added a couple inches for hemming. I just used the full width of the fabric, which was 48″ because I knew I would do a bunch of pleats. I went ahead and hemmed the bottom first so I wouldn’t have do deal with that after all the pleats were in place.


I figured Quinn’s waist was about 18 inches or so around (I guessed, he was sleeping) so I halved that measurement and then tripled it to figure out how long the front flaps should be and how much to pleat it in the back. (9,9,9) Pleating plaid is actually pretty awesome because you don’t need a ruler, you can just line up the pleats to the lines of the design. Once I had everything pinned and measured out right, I pressed down the pleats really crisp and sewed them down (about 4 or so inches per pleat). I then rolled the top down twice, pressed that and sewed it down to finish the top. To secure the kilt shut, I used a strip of 1/2 inch black velcro and sewed that to the front pieces. That way if the measurements were a little off, he could still fit in it. Plus who wants to deal with difficult closures for little baby clothes? Not me!


For the shirt I just used the Oliver & S sketchbook shirt pattern. I actually had been meaning to purchase this one but this project was the perfect reason for me to actually get it :) I friggen love Oliver & S. Who doesn’t? I used a sateen cotton so it would be a little softer for his little baby skins. I had a couple issues there, but mostly because I didn’t have any interfacing and the collar got a bit floppy due to that.


Of course I had to top it all off with a pin, a sash and sporran (the little pouch). I could have gone overboard and modeled him with those “flashes” on his long socks and even the little knife in his sock. I even looked on amazon for small toy bagpipes, but they were like $40 and even though it would have been amazing, I decided that is silly and crazy overboard :)

I had a lot of fun making this! And even MORE fun looking at my little pea dressed up as a wee Scottish man :)

I will leave you with a hilarious grumpy photo:


My wee crabbit bairn!


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  1. This turned out amazing. I love it. It’s hard to take pictures with really young babies, but you did a great job. The good news is that it only gets easier as they get older. Thank you so much for the comment on the scirocco jumpsuit. Adding flutter to the sleeves will be so cute! I was going to email you back, but you were listed as a no-reply blogger. This was me a while ago until someone told me. It’s unideal makes it tricky for people to reply to comments. If you’re interested in changing it so it isn’t anymore, there is a tutorial here: and a ton more others if you just Google search: no reply blogger.

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