A Quick Tip for Clumsy People

I can’t be the only one who has accidentally elbowed my box of pins and knocked them all onto my carpet. I have done this several times. No fun.

Instead of picking them up by hand, risking lots of little pin pricks on my fingers and also possibly missing a few (dangerous with little baby about to be crawling), I grabbed my fish tank cleaner, which is a super strong magnet, and just waved it over the carpet. It picked up every single pin no problem!


I’m sure not everyone has a fish tank, but any strong magnet will work great!

1 thought on “A Quick Tip for Clumsy People

  1. OK, this is ‘almost’ enough to entice me into buying a fish tank. Or . . . the magnet! :lol: Seriously, there is nowhere to put a fish tank in my small house, but that magnet idea is WONDERFUL!! I could have used that when I had carpet in the sewing room – I was always dropping pins on the floor by the sewing machine and having to carefully search for them before they found my bare feet.

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