Cashmere Baby Leggings

…Because why the heck not?


Jake and I used to live in a really old house with moths who lived in the closets and liked to eat our nice clothes. He would still wear is holey sweaters all the time anyway, probably because cashmere is amazing and he didn’t want to admit that his nice clothes were all ruined. We have moved twice still then and for some reason still have most of them!

So since Quinn is growing out of most his clothes and I am about to take the kids to a colder climate for a trip, I decided to make them useful and make some soft warm pants for Quinn.

I used the monkey leggings pattern from One Yard Wonders. I love how there is an extra pocket of fabric on the butt, I figured it would be nice and roomy for the cloth diapers. I used the 12m size since his legs are getting too long for the ready made 6m size. They are definitely big! But that is okay so he has room to grow.  This was supposed to be a quick sew and it totally would have been if I hadn’t gotten distracted and sewed the right side to the wrong side :/ DOH!

Lots of wooly seam ripping later (not easy) and then they came together nicely :)


Poor Quinn was in no mood for a photo shoot, probably because of the golf ball sized mosquito bite on his cheek from the day before’s little photo shoot :(

But I think you can get a pretty good idea, I kind of love these little argyle legs! I’m excited that now I know what to do with all those sweaters!

Oh and that shirt there was one of the many envelope style tees from Growing Up Sew Liberated I sewed up before he was born. Super casual and cozy.


Speaking of going away to a colder climate, I probably won’t be getting much sewing done in the next couple weeks. I’m going to visit with my family in NJ. I’ll have to beg and plead my sister to let me use her sewing machine and also beg my mom to watch the kiddos so I can get some stuff done, especially since I really wanted to sew along with the whole entire Project Run and Play.

I am super excited to take a day trip to NYC and check out some fabric shops.. Anyone have any awesome suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Cashmere Baby Leggings

  1. Such cute leggings! I love this idea!

    Some suggestions for NYC shopping: Mood, of course. Paron Fabrics, Chic Fabrics, Pacific Trimming, M&J Trimming. Those are my all-time favorites. For more exclusive shopping (pricey), I’d recommend B&J Fabrics and Lace Star–where I go and drool, but never buy. 39th Street between 7th and 8th is best known for small shops with tons of fabric, all prices negotiable. I have gotten some amazing deals on fantastic fabric on 39th Street, but try your best to negotiate. Some shops start high, especially if you don’t see any price tags. Wear comfortable shoes. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

    1. WOW! Mood, of course? Hahah I’ve never heard of it! I haven’t lived in NJ in 10 years and when I was so close to NY I wasn’t in to sewing yet. Thank you SO SO much for this laundry list of shops! My sister wants to take me to Purl SOHO, but she is a knitter so she is super excited about that haha :) I think I’ll steer clear of those expensive shops! I’m thinking of loading up on some awesome fabric for cheap (I hope) and maybe splurging a little on something amazing.. At least that is the plan.. I don’t need my husband freaking out about how much fabric I bring home.. You have seriously gotten me excited for this outing now that I will have a firm plan of locations in mind! Thank you again!

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