How to Unpick Serged Seams

I love learning lessons the hard way. At least that is how it would seem, as it is usually the ONLY way I learn lessons :)

I am always terrified of making mistakes when using my serger because I am scared of having to deal with ripping those darn seams. It takes forever! But today, as I was fixing my mistakes, I found an AWESOME fast(er) way to unpick those pesky seams!

This was using a 4 thread overlock, I haven’t tried this using 3 threads and my machine doesn’t have the capability of using 5 threads, so I’m not sure it will work the same, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.


Identify your lower looper thread. Get your trusty seam ripper out and get the space between the two needle thread stitches. Pick those! It goes pretty fast if you can go under several at a time.


There is is, all ripped up. Looks a mess. This can’t possibly work, right?


Wrong! I was able to pull the fabric apart NO PROBLEM! THIS IS AMAZING WOOHOO!


You are left with long strands of the needle threads and the upper loopers, they just unravel completely on their own, you never have to touch those with your seam rippers!


And when you are done you have this nice awesome pile of trashy threads. And a lap full of lower looper thread pieces..

Seriously, you have no idea how happy I was when I discovered this little ditty this morning. I swear I fall deeper in love with my serger all the time!

4 thoughts on “How to Unpick Serged Seams

  1. Growing up, my sisters and I called my mother’s serger the “cut-sew machine.” I think you could guess why. I know–we were so creative in our naming things.

    I love tips like this. Thank you!

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