Sweeter Than Candy!

The second week of Project Run and Play is upon us and this week’s challenge was to create an outfit based on our favorite candy. I first thought of dark chocolate, which is by far my favorite candy on the planet. I was thinking of a brown flowy satin dress for Millie. I started sketching out some ideas but nothing was really “popping” for me.


So I thought of some other candy ideas. Tootsie Rolls! I don’t really know anyone else who likes them, but I friggen’ LOVE them. Guilty, guilty over-processed pleasure! And who would make the best Tootsie Roll model? The little nugget Quinn, of course!!


I decided I wanted to work with a pattern so I dug through my little stash and used my Simplicity romper 2264. I used the size medium on my 17 lb 5 month old.


Obviously I omitted the tie and tabs and added the orange hems and ric rac :)


ThisĀ  was my 3rd attempt at sewing a zipper into an outfit and though it is still not perfect, I am satisfied and happy with the results :) I just happened to have an orange zipper in my stash too, awesome! It was also my first time using snap tape instead of plastic snaps for the crotch closure. It seams it will hold up a lot better than the plastic snaps, but there is something I love about those things!


True to the title of this post, Quinn looks sweeter than candy, and I’m not the only one who thinks so- we had a major battle with mosquitoes and ants during this little photo shoot!

You see that dang mosquito on his cheek? I feel terrible, there were 3 photos with it there, I didn’t even notice that jerk sucking the blood right out of Quinn’s face!!


I wanted to make this outfit obviously connected to Tootsie Rolls without actually looking like some kind of Tootsie Roll Halloween outfit. Thank goodness he is only 5 months, you can only be this cutesy with a boy for so long!! I thought about rounding out the collar and making it peter pan, but then I figured this outfit had enough curves in it, let’s not go overboard! I can’t help but to be reminded of pilgrims though!

I had a lot of fun sewing up this little outfit, and I feel like I learned some new techniques that I hadn’t tried before. I had done a collar on a pair of pajamas before, but never like this. I liked binding the color down. It made it look more polished and neat. I used orange fabric for just a little pop of color if anyone saw it.

It was hard to get a shot of this, Quinn was being so wiggly!


I wanted to have the cuffs of the sleeves and the hems of the pants to look like the package, I used the ric rac to sort of play off of the twisted ruffled ends of the wrappers. This was also the first time I ever sewed with ric rac! Hilarious that I used it on a boy outfit, lol!


Apparently he thinks I’m tasty, too, here he is trying to take a bite out of my hand!


I cannot wait to see what everyone else sewed up this week! I bet they are all amazing!

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  1. That is a great outfit. Tootsie rolls are my favorite candy too. But my kids don’t like them as much, so I sewed a skittles outfit. Perhaps Project Sewn could have a candy theme and I could sew up a tootsie roll outfit for myself. Not sure how I would pull that off! :)

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