Sweet Lemons

In case anyone was wondering, no, I did not win the Pattern Review Sewing for Children Contest. Womp, womp.

But that is okay because I actually got 9th place out of 80 contestants!! To me that is amazing considering I’ve only been sewing for a couple years and the pattern I put up was one of my own! I am super proud of myself, regardless of losingĀ  :)

The winners did jackets, which I find completely impressive, especially since I’m scared to death of trying to make one.

Also the fun thing is that I totally voted for the girl who won (you could vote for 5 people) so she totally deserved it! I’ll give her a little shout out for being awesome :) Style Me Mary

[[I’ve been keeping myself busy sewing up a cute little outfit for this week’s Project Run and Play challenge. I’m almost done and am super excited about it! This week’s theme is candy inspired clothes. It has been really fun designing my little ideas out and making something come to fruition :) Sewing along with this has been really forcing open my creative juice box!

No eye-candy teaser pics today, I’m afraid if I even take a picture of a corner of my outfit it will give the whole thing away!

4 thoughts on “Sweet Lemons

  1. Wow! Thanks for the shout out and for your vote! Congratulations on YOUR dress. I loved your design and I think your drafting skills are awesome! By the time you’re drafting your own patterns, I think you can definitely handle a jacket, so don’t be intimidated at all. It’s just a project that has more steps; they aren’t necessarily more difficult.

    I really like your blog and look forward to your upcoming Run and Play look.

    1. I guess you’re right, there really isn’t any crazy technique in a jacket, it is just a project that takes a little more time.. Maybe I’ll try one soon :) Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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