Target Tank Top Knockoff

I know lots of people take adorable clothes from expensive shops and make great knockoffs from them in order to save money. Well I took a cheap store tank top that I had and love and made a knockoff tank top for Millie!


I used a super on sale sheer fabric (I’m sure it has a real name other than “shear fabric”) from Hancock’s and an old maternity tee of mine. SUPER cheap, even cheaper than Target!


I took an existing shirt pattern that I had made from one of Millie’s old shirts and worked with that pattern to get my desired effect. I drew on the pattern pieces where I wanted the blocked pieces to be, then drew 1/2 inch on either side to add seam allowances. I also drew in a little bit to make it more of a racer back and then traced THOSE onto new paper and cut out the new pattern pieces.


Sorry, terribly drawn out and bad photos, but you get the idea, right? :)


The trickiest part was the V shape where the two fabrics connect at the shoulders. I had to sew down one side, then cut a snip in the grey knit fabric to line it up again and go up the other side of the sheer fabric. I probably would have had a really hard time figuring that part out if I hadn’t sewn up those curved pieces on my drunkard’s path quilt.


It was also pretty challenging to sew up that sheer stuff with the bias.. And I don’t know why my arm holes get SO weird when I’m putting bias tape around them.. I swear I’m doing everything right! I stretch the trim and not the shirt..  Anyone have any tips? It always gets just a little big and gappy there.


It doesn’t look TOO horrible when worn.


Either way, I consider this a success, it looks so much like my shirt and Millie LOVES it because she looks like Mommy :)


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